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Arena By William R. Forstchen Essay

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Arena is set in medieval times and tells the story of Garth, a young fighter who competes in the great festival’s tournament. The Arena is where the fighting takes place.

It was time for the festival where all of the magic users showed their strength and power in the tournament arena. This tournament was very important because it offered a great reward. The festival took place in the same city every year and all the fights were held in the Arena, which was also a place of entertainment in the medieval times. They had primitive weapons like spears, clubs, bows, and daggers in addition to their majic. If the book had been set in the future, the weapons would probably be high-tech guns, which would make magic and hand-to-hand-combat pointless and strategy combined with tactics more important. So yes, there would be a change in the plot if the settings were different.

The festival brought many foreigners and the streets were crowded with barrels of wine, bundles of silk, and any other merchandise that might be of worth. So in that perspective, the festival was a great importance to most people because they planned for it and would trade goods. The third day of the festival (which happens to be the last day) was the most important because the Walker would come. The Walker was a powerful demigod who could go into different realms and defeat foes that might oppose him. He could destroy all of mankind with ease, so they gathered an enormity of mana (magic) and offered that to him so then he becomes stronger than before.

The reward of the tournament was to be the Walker’s servant. The Walker would show the servant his infinite power. Eventually the Walker would kill the servant and take all his power. Garth, the main character, competes in the tournament and wins. If I were Garth, I would have never competed in the first place. And if I had won, I would have fled because when you become the Walker’s servant, he kills you and takes all your mana. Weird huh? Why would anyone want to compete in the first place?

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This book is great. It has a lot of great words and description to make you feel like you are really there. Also the author displays pure genius. He made a weak character come out of nowhere and win a worldwide tournament. In addition to that, Garth killed the Walker and became a demigod himself. He was a nobody and became a god. That was brilliant, so I am very fond of this book and I think it is great for is imaginations like mine. Go out and find this book, I give it a five-star rating. This book has a wide variety of vocabulary and has a unique writing style so have your dictionary ready because I know I did.

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