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battle of britain

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The Battle of Britain was the aerial conflict between the German Airforce, otherwise known as the Luftwaffe, and the Royal Airforce. The battle began in July of 140 and ended in May of 141. The GAF began by attacking by land and air but countless attempts were turned into failures demoralizing the Germans. By September 17, 140, Hitler officially postponed Operation Sealion, or the Battle of Britain. No more than a few days later the Blitz began. The Blitz was Germany’s daily night raids on Britain. Hitler hoped that Britain would be bombed into submission. Britain resisted the Blitz for more than 0 days and finally it came to an end in May 141. After the assassination of the Archduke we sent an ultimatum to Serbia. Some of the things we demanded in the ultimatum were

- the dissolution of the Narodna Odbrana

- Removal of officials who have been guilty of carrying on the propaganda against Austria-Hungary.

- To suppress every publication which shall incite to hatred and contempt to the Monarchy.

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- To agree to the cooperation in Serbia of the organs of the Imperial and Royal government in the suppression of the subversive movement directed against the integrity of the Monarchy.

- To institute a judicial inquiry against every participant in the conspiracy of the 8th of June who may be found in Serbian territory.

We have been informed that some of the demands had been deliberately made harsh so that Serbia could not possibly accept the ultimatum. It has also been stated that if the ultimatum is not accepted, the Austro-Hungarian military will begin mobilizing against Serbia.

The responses to the ultimatum are back from Serbian officials and it wasn’t what our government wanted to hear. Although Serbia did agree to some things such as the removal of officials that were carrying propaganda against Austria-Hungary, it was just not good enough to prevent war. On July 8, 114 Austria- Hungary issues manifesto and declares war on Serbia.

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