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Drug Users

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Drug addiction had it’s start in 1 when amphetamine was include as an active ingredient in a nasal inhaler, and people were offered a quick, accessible source of this powerful drug. Abuse spread quickly and involved much of the population-students, athletes, troops, entertainers, and housewives.

Since then drugs have become part of the mainstream of American life. Schools, homes and communities cannot get drug proofed. Drugs are tearing apart societies, causing crime, spreading diseases, and killing youth and our future. Drugs are not only available-they are everywhere. It seems like the whole world is evolving around drugs.

People take drugs for many reasons. It may be just peer pressure, or wanting to feel independent. Other reasons people take drugs is to treat obesity, narcolepsy, or depression. The biggest reason for drug abuse is to increase people’s energy, decrease their need to sleep, and elevate mood.

Drug abuse has taken an enormous toll on human life worldwide. Each year, drug abuse kills 14,000 Americans. The United States alone has the highest level of drug use of any other industrialized society. A single dose of these chemicals can be deadly. Accidents, suicides and homicides are the leading cause of death in young people. These deaths are usually related to drug use.

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Drugs effect health in may ways. These effects can range from nausea and anxiety to coma and death. There are risks associated with the chronic use of all psychoactive drugs. A single dose of these chemicals can be deadly. Drugs effect many organs in the body including the immune system, heart, and lungs. It may also cause convulsions, comas, brain damage, and birth defects. No group is immune to the allure and effects of these drugs. Using drugs may also leads to deadly diseases, such as HIV.

Young ones are especially gullible to drugs. Almost all drug use begins in preteen and teenage years. Adolescents are curios and vulnerable and may find it difficult to find their identity. They may buy these drugs at a party and have no idea of what chemical is about to overtake their brain.

Drug abuse is also common in professionals, whether it’s sports stars, or actors and actresses. Both careers may bring great pressure. Those who pursue careers in these fields are always in the public eye, and this comes along with a lot of stress. They go to drugs to deal with their stress.

Many drug addicts turn to violence and a life of crime. Since drugs are very expensive, addicts turn to crime so that they can pay for this habit. Illegal drug possession and drug trafficking are criminal offences in nearly every country in the world. There are many other crimes that are committed to assist drug trafficking. The effect of the drug itself may lead to criminal activity.

Drugs are tearing apart our society. People everywhere are hooked on this deadly habit, and feel there is no way out. There are many drug-abuse crisis centers and hospitals that prevent and treat drug abuse. Here they offer help in many ways. Drug users are taught that escaping reality with drugs does not solve the problem, it only delays the recovery.

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