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Equiano and the Middle Passage

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Equiano and The Middle Passage

Writers write for many different reasons, whether it may be to entertain, inform, or persuade. Writing would be nothing without diction and tone. Diction is the author’s choice of words, and tone it the voice used to reveal the writers mood, feeling on emotion, these two go tighter because the specific words used give the feeling of the story. Equiano’s purpose in writing this normative was to inform everyone of the mistreatment of the slaves on the middle passage in which he does by using these three different tones depression, frustration and amazement.

The first use of tone that comes up is the tone of helplessness. In the beginning to this narrative he is describing where the slaves were and how they were all compressed into tiny spaces. There was nothing that they could do. This brings out the feeling of helplessness. “… We were all pent up tighter, like so many sheep in a field…”(pg.48). He felt like an animal, that’s how bad it was. No way of communication, no one to comfort you. One would start to feel lost and that’s how he felt, “…rather than give any of them to us to eat…” (pg.46). This quote describes how hungry he was and that he had no way of getting food. He uses all of this to help the audience reading and tell them very bluntly what was going on on this ship.

The second tone that is very frequently apparent throughout this narrative is frustration. “I envied the freedom they enjoyed…”(pg 45). How low can a person feel? It’s evident that he wasn’t used to this sort of treatment. Equiano wants to be able to be out on the deck and learn how run the ship. For him, his independence is taken away which makes him feel discomfiture. When you are able to pick and choose what you want to do and suddenly that is all taken away from you then you feel frustrated. When he and his sister were split apart after they were taken he was also frustrated because he couldn’t do anything about it. Equiano grabs out this feeling and reels in the reader to almost make them feel like they are in the story.

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“… I first saw flying fishes…”(pg 47). In this quote we see the feeling and tone of amazement. It’s like for the first time. It almost makes the reader excited and want to go on reading. “I also now first saw the use of the quadrant” (pg.47). When the ship had reached it’ destination he began to see lots of new things. The quadrant was on 6thing he was amazed by. He wanted to know more. “…I was now more persuaded than ever, that I was in another world…”(pg. 47). This quote just verifies he feelings about the flying fishes and quadrants. This arrangement brings out lots of other feelings like curiosity and it keeps the reader on their toes pushing them to read more.

It has already been said that tone and diction will make or break the way we read a story or passage. In Equiano’s account of the middle passage, great emphasis is put on the three leading tones depression, frustration, and amazement. Essentially Equiano’s purpose in writing the narrative as to inform everyone the mistreatment of the slaves on the middle passage; Which he does with the use of tones. I believe that he did a great job and made me interested in reading on.

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