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Has anyone ever wondered how the French got to Canada? Well I have and I

have found out they have British roots like Americans do. But the French

speaking people didn’t like the English speaking invaders, kinda opposite of

us. We left the British ruling land to seek a new place to be free without

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Kings and Queens ruling us. Well that is what my report is all about “ The

French Heritage of Canada”.

I had many interesting talks with my Grandma Lynn, see she is a

retired French teacher for the Davenport schools. She sent me books,

magazines, maps and tapes of music and videos of Canada. Most of this stuff

I cannot read or understand, but she explained a lot of things to me.

I guess around 1608 the French began to colonize Canada. We have

states, they have colonies or provinces. Only about 10,000 French people

came over from France, because France own or ruled Canada at that time.

For many years the French Canadians had one of the highest birthrates in the

world. This was because most of them were “good old Roman Catholics” my

Grandmother told me, which means they did not use any birth control because

it was against the rules of the church. By 101, I read the French Canadians

accounted for 0 percent of Canada’s population.

These French people went thru a lot of hard times and unwelcomed

changes took place when Great Britain took over Canada around 1760. A

person called, King George the rd made them use British Laws, which

means those English speaking people ruled. You see the French hated these

rude newcomers. Many of the French believed that the British wanted to

destroy their French heritage in Canada, which was probably true.

Quebec province became the home for most of the French Canadians.

The Roman Catholic Church was headquarted in Quebec City and was the

one of the most important thing in the lives of all French Canadians from

1840 to around the 160’s. The Church recruited large numbers of both men

and women to serve and staff the health, social welfare and education centers.

The Quebec government was controlled by these church-educated people.

French communities like Quebec believed themselves to be better than

other people within Canada. Their Catholic religion, their French culture and

language, and being farmers set them apart from the other Canadians. They

so badly wanted to keep the French language, they created Bill 101. This Bill

101 declared French the official language for their province. This bill

required all children to attend a French-language schools and wanted French

to be also spoken in the private business work place. This made the English

speaking people uncomfortable because they didn’t know the language so

they moved to different parts of Canada, which didn’t hurt their feelings any.

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