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Happy event

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The attitude that Ella portrays towards Lena is one of a trusting and respective individual. Ella believes that Lena perhaps may be a little bit slow at her work, but she is a hard worker and she is a valuable employee. Thomasi tries to convince Ella that Lena is not what she believes her to be, but rather someone who is non-productive, and performs different duties outside of work. However, Ella does not believe Thomasi, and chooses to think that the reason Thomasi feels this way is because he has a “thing” for her, and she does not care for him. Within the first half of the story, Ella is very fond of Lena and is proved in some of the following quotes; “Look Thomasi, she does her work. I’m satisfied with her. I don’t want you to go making trouble. I’m the missus, and she works for me.” , “She’s a perfectly nice girl, really”. These two quotes go to prove that Ella defends and respects Lena because she is defending her in arguments against Thomasi. Another quote in which it shows that Ella cares is when she tells Lena, “I’ll send Thomasi out with something for you to take. And do you want something to eat?”. She also refers to her as a “poor thing”, to her husband and explains to him that it cannot be helped. Back in those days, Black people had very little freedom, and there owners/employers were not very nice to them, but you can tell that Ella had sympathy, and respect for Lena in the first half of the story.

In the second half of the story, after Ella finds out about the murdering of Lena’ child, Ella changes her mind of how she thinks of Lena. Ella now though that, she was the ghoulish creature who emerged out of a discussion of the affair with friends and neighbors. A murderer and nothing less! She thought it was quite awful to think that she handled Pip and Kathie. She couldn’t believe that she as the girl who so often stood at her stove, and now was the creature who abandoned her newborn child. The final line of the story, “she did not go back to work for them again.”, showed how Ella would not let Lena come back and work for her because of her horrific incident.

Ella’s perception towards the events, limited her attitude towards Lena in the way that she went to liking Lena, to disliking her. At first she thought she was respectable and hardworking. When she was sick she showed sympathy towards her by sending her tea, and allowed her to sleep in for the day. Ella refused to believe in Thomasi’s perception because she thought Thomasi didn’t like Lena and wanted to get her into trouble. However, towards the end, I think Ella’s perception towards Thomasi becomes much more respectable and trusting. Half way through, when Charlie the milk boy finds the baby, and they discover that it is Lena’s, I think Ella’s view towards Lena becomes a lot less liked, and distrusting. She comes to a conclusion to believe that it doesn’t matter who you are taking in to your home, you do not know who they are, and you cannot fully trust them because you never know what one is capable of doing.

The statements in the second half of the story that showed the conventional attitudes of Ella’s society start with the first paragraph of the second half. This paragraph was about Ella, and Allan’s pleasant home in a suburb of Johannesburg. It talked about the rolling hills, and cultivated land, and country estates. It also showed Ella’s sense of high class society in the way that she could tell the difference between there milk and the city’s milk. They were also obviously upper class because they cold afford to have a couple of employees/slaves, to do the work around there house for them. Another event in the book which illustrated Ella’s upper class society is when she was in the court room and the detectives were “plain clothed”. The social satire in this story was that of the rich and poor, the male and the female, and the white and black. The rich, white, female (Ella), had a hard time believing in the poor black male (Thomasi). However, she did believe in the poor black female (Lena). Perhaps this was because they both shared the same gender. The social satire played a crucial part in this play because it is what drove the plot.

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The ironies of Ella being the narrator is that being the reader, you tend to believe in what the narrator thinks and you take the view of them, but in this story, the narrator is actually wrong which throws a giant twist on the story. The ironies that Gordimer uses about the life in South Africa that you would think that the wealthy, white, female who is the owner of these black people, would be educated enough to know what is going on, however, it is actually one of the black slaves that is right throughout the story. You would not expect the black man to know the truth about what is going on, and I think that is because today’s society is very stereotypical.

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