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Thesis-Jack fulfils the basic needs of the community to become a leader over Ralph.

Piggy and Ralph met with each other after the plane crashed. Piggy spotted a conch shell, and told Ralph how to blow it. Ralph blew the conch and hearing the sound all the boys met each other. They decided to choose a leader of their group by voting. The choir of Jack always obeyed his orders so they all voted for him. But Ralph was voted by rest of the boys. Ralph and the other boys lit the fire which served as a signal to the nearby ships. Everybody refused to keep the fire lit other than Ralph and Samneric because it was very tough to get wood. Jack kept hunting pigs and made excuses not to keep the fire burning. He decided to go against Ralph and make his own tribe by fulfilling the basic needs of the boys so that they can enjoy and have fun.

With the help of his choir Jack worked very hard to become a leader over Ralph. He acted as a dictator. He and his choir separated from Ralph because Jack wanted to be the chief. Jack’s words, “I’m going off by myself. He can catch his own pigs. Anyone who wants to hunt when I do can come” (140) clearly depicts his intentions of going his own way to be a chief. The job of Jack’s choir was to hunt so they followed him. Jack took over as a leader and invited Ralph’s tribe for a feast and was clearly explained by his words “Now listen. We might go later………and give a feast” (147). This fulfilled one of the needs of the boys. This feast made the boys happier and they joined Jack’s tribe. Everybody except

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Ralph, Piggy and Samneric did not join Jack’s tribe because they understood the importance of keeping the fire burning since it was their main objective. But the boys were unable to work hard to keep the fire burning. They wanted meat to survive instead of fruits.

The next step, Jack took to become a leader was manipulating the fear in minds of the boys. All of them were scared of the beast that was on the hill. Since Jack was a hunter and was believed to be brave among all the boys so they trusted him to kill the beast. Simon knew that there was no beast on the island and he wanted to tell this to other boys. But Simon was killed during the feast because he was mistaken as the beast. Other than Ralph and Piggy nobody figured out that Simon was killed. The boys were more afraid than earlier and this gave Jack an advantage of becoming a leader. So he provided them security which made more boys to join his tribe. Therefore he fulfilled another basic need of the boys by killing the beast (Simon) to become a leader.

When Ralph, Piggy and Samneric went to Jack to bring Piggy’s glasses, Jack was involved in a fight with Ralph because Jack got furious when Ralph said “I am Chief!” (01). Piggy asked Jack to become a good person when he said “Which is better- to have rules and agree or to hunt and kill?” (00). Jack did not care what Piggy said because he only wanted to be a leader and kill anyone who stood against his leadership. In the meantime Roger made a big rock fall from the cliff which hit Piggy and killed him. The boys in his tribe never liked Piggy so they did not mind Piggy’s death. In his next step, Jack made Samneric prisoners so that they could not escape from him and forced them to join his tribe by threatening them.

Jack not only fulfilled the needs of the boys to become a leader, he even forced and killed anyone who went against his leadership. Jack does not care about


law and rescue which is clearly explained by the question “Which is better, law and rescue, or hunting and breaking things up[Ralph]?”(00).This quote clearly proved that Jack had become a dictator. His main goal was to enjoy and hunt which other boys wanted to do. All the boys except Ralph, Piggy and Samneric forgot about being rescued, they only wanted to enjoy and have fun. This was the only reason Jack became a leader.

Book - Lord of the Flies

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