Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No More Tests

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Schools should spend less money on standardized tests. There are many other things that need improvement. I think they are just wasting money on these tests because in some case students never get the results back. What good is taking the test when they don’t know how they did? I mean some tests are good; although, the time limit should be removed. Some students don’t even get done with their test and towards the end just starts marking answers, and some students get done with thirty minutes still left in the exam. The states are getting the wrong statistics when these people don’t have enough time to complete the tests because theyre just guessing on the answers to basically get done. School system should get rid of the standardized testing and focus more on actually helping students learn.

Schools should spend more money on more teachers and more experienced teachers. The more teachers schools have the smaller the classes will be and the students can get more individual attention that they need throughout the school year. The experienced teachers can recognize where the students need the most help in and work from there. Most teachers have an agenda that they follow throughout the year, but all the students may not be caught up that far and tend to get left behind. All students do not learn the same material in the same time period; therefore, there should be more classrooms, so students get put in appropriate classes they need to help them move on. Also this way students cant slide by in school without having to do the same work everyone else had.

Schools can also start a progress program where it tracks every individual as they progress in school. Every school should give their own tests that way each school and student knows how they are doing and what could be done better on the next test, instead of the Iowa or Stanford Test in which most people don’t even find out how they scored and on which part they need to improve. This way all the preceding teachers have all the information on each of their students and they immediately know where to start from on everyone one. Its like a police record of someone; it shows what each student has accomplished throughout the previous years and how he or she did.

Most schools need more computers also. Cutting back on some of the tests will provide more money for the districts to buy additional computers. These computers can be used for testing. It will eliminate the whole writing process and the hassle of grading the work. Taking the tests on computers could improve a student’s ability to learn. The computers can provide images and voice capabilities to guide the students through the process, and makes it easier for them to learn. The computers could also take the time restrictions of the tests, so the students wouldn’t have as much pressure on them while taking it, and also as Botstein mentioned in his essay, “ Computers also make it possible to measure the rate of change for each pupil.”(1)

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I didn’t have any of this when I went to high school and I think I missed out on some of the learning experiences. My teachers just assigned the class some pages to read and answer a few questions in the back of the chapter. Most of the time the only test I ever took were those standardized test and even those I never received the results or any comments in return to help me figure out which parts I needed improvement on. Hopefully in the future someone realizes all the faults in the system and makes use the technologies we now have and make these changes.

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