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Relationship between consciousness and reality

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The relationship between consciousness and reality

You see the pea, you smell the pea, you feel the pea, you eat the pea, and, believe it or not, it looked like a pea, smelt like a pea, felt like a pea, and, unfortunately tasted like a pea! What would you say if I approached you and asked you, “How can you prove to yourself that you just consumed a pea?”

And I’m almost certain you would reply, “I saw it, smelt it, felt it and swallowed it! Isn’t that enough evidence to prove that I just ate a pea?”

No. The evidence if far from sufficient. I’ll explain why.

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When you are fast asleep, dreaming blissfully that you had just won a car, and I approached you in your dream, and said, “How can you prove to me that you just won that funky new car?” And you would say, “They delivered the car to my doorstep and congratulated me, and then I took it for a spin around the block, isn’t that enough evidence to prove that I just won a car?”

No. The evidence is far from sufficient. I’ll explain why.


In that dream, I’m sure that you would bet your bottom dollar that you had just won a car, and at the same time, accuse me of being “off my rocker” to think otherwise. But, if you woke up in the morning and started raving to me about your new car, I think I would think the same about you!

How are we to differentiate between a dream and stark reality? How do we know that a dream isn’t reality and that our apparent waking life isn’t simply a dream? How can we comprehensively identify the relationship between consciousness and reality?

For all we know, the supposed pea you consumed was merely electrical impulses your brain was receiving, and, in turn convincing you that you just ate a wholesome, juicy pea?

For a moment, I had thought I had the answer.

In dreams we always possess what we possess in supposed reality, but in reality we don’t possess what we supposedly possess in dreams.

But then I thought this idea over numerous times and I concluded that the concept wasn’t possible. But then I thought otherwise. There is a rather narrow explanation.

The only possible way of explaining this concept is that the supposed “reality” is relatively static, while the apparent “dreams” are sudden, dramatic and random. Having an extremely basic understanding of the relationship between quantum logic and consciousness, I constructed an extremely abstract theory.

Perhaps dreams are simply a hyper image of our world. Far more volatile, unpredictable and spontaneous. This makes dreams appear abstract.

A basic concept of quantum mechanics is that our focus and opinion affects occurrences in the world around us. A commonly accepted psychological opinion is that we dream what we think and focus on. This correlates perfectly to my theory. Perhaps our focus affects the actual change in the material in our dreams.

This may sound way out and rather odd. But allow me to teach you a well known example of quantum mechanics.

Light can either travel as a pulse or as a wave. Quantum theorists believe that if we set up an apparatus to view the light as a pulse, the light will travel exclusively as a pulse. While, on the other hand, if we set up an apparatus to view the light as a wave, the light will travel only as a wave.

In other words, our perspective on matter has a direct relationship between the matter’s actual form. So, as our mental invisionment of matter alters, so does the actual virtual matter. This is why dreams are random and unique.

In my opinion, reoccurring dreams occur only when our mental focus remains the same. In turn, the same matter will be created; hence, the dream will remain rather similar.

I hope I have adequately explained my thoughts on this subject, as I believe it is rather fascinating.

Whether you support or don’t support my viewpoint, which, in essence, effects to true validity of my theory.

For your conscious opinion affects reality.

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