Monday, October 17, 2011

rock vs pop the big debate

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The rockand pop argument has been about for sevearl years now.But only recently has it come to light just how big this debate has become. On one side we have the hard core rockers fighting for the love and passion of the music and life of rock. And on the opposing team playes the pop punters. This contains teeny boppers and other people of a more towny aspect.

In conclusion to evidence seen in todays charts we can say that has there been an out come from it all. Its seems that many resident rockers have left the cd chart and just belive strongly in live performances. however only time may tell on the offical out come of battle of the bands.Time takes so long yet all we can do is sit. Sit and wait for the sun to rise in the east and set i the west like in the old western films and when you realise this you should realise the meanning of life and all its wonerous colours of hope peeace and joy. Just like weddings and a funeral. Its so magica this fource that even those who have it find it hard to belive. But once you have found it. And it has found you. All the world itself and you. Every one inculding your aunt uncle sistier brother mum dad and cousin. If you desiyer ask you dog mable and her cosin fred. All the flee family are welcome to. And if the cat doesnt sit on the mat next to post man pat then go and ask why? So doris then shall get her oats and will go to the ball just like jack and jill or mary and jozef. And the soon to be aron and emily. But dont ask me ask them. Lets go together let them no every one for ever and a day.But dont ask me ask them for your self its the only way you will or would ever know. Belive me please i have learnt the hard way of course most peolple have to. But thats life thats what all the people say. Un till they shut down in may just like the old doris day. But hey you know where its at like all the rest. There the top of the top shes the best . yes. Elvis was a kool a shaker disco dancer movie maker. charlies angels girls on top. Moving swiflty on and on and non and you guessed it on again.

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