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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

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speare’s Globe The Globe Theatre was a 17th century English playhouse. It is famous because that is where most of Shakespeare’s plays were originally performed there.

Shakespeare’s company, called “Lord Chamberlain’s Men,” built the Globe because acting was very controversial. The Puritans believed acting to be immoral, and the man who owned the land on which “The Theatre,” Lord Chamberlain’s Men’s original venue, was owned by a Puritan. He refused to renew the lease on the land and continue to let Lord Chamberlain’s Men perform there.

The actors then dismantled the theatre and carried the lumber across the Thames River, where a new theatre was constructed. Its construction was completed in 15, and it stood happily in its new location outside of London in the red light district for 14 years until it burned to the ground in an accident during one of the performances.

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The Globe was then rebuilt in 1614, but torn down by angry Puritans 0 years later.

The original Globe Theatre was twenty-sided, and 100 feet in diameter. The Globe had no roof, and below the stage was an open pit where people would stand and watch the plays. The appearance was typical of many Elizabethan theatres the outside was very plain, but the inside was very ornate. Above the stage were the “heavens,” and a trap door on the stage represented hell. The stage represented earth, and all the confusion and comedy and tragedy of life on it.

In 187, construction of the Globe theatre began once more, 00 yards from its original location. It opened in 1.

In the original Globe Theatre, performances were given every day except Sunday at 00 o’clock until 500. Since the Puritans didn’t approve of theatrical performance, no advertising was allowed. So every day except Sunday, a flag was raised to tell what kind of play would be performed. A black flag meant tragedy, a white flag meant comedy, and a red flag meant a historical play. There were no bathrooms, or even intermissions, so the playhouse smelled of urine and sweat, because nobody bathed.


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