Wednesday, October 26, 2011

why to buy a car

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cars are our main mode of personal transportation. No one should be with out a car. even if it is a piece of junk, keep it. thats better than no car, right? well, make sure you get one that works otherwise... hello Mr. Bus Driver! sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you dont. pour some sugar on me! ive made up my mind, i am wasting my time. please dont bother me no more. you know i love you. walking around in circles. i really dont like my history class. and guess what. i dont like you either! so there.

here i go again. now what? yeah, i thought so. McDonalds is not real food but its still good. leave me alone, i dont feel like talking. oh i wish i could but i dont want to. so youre driving along, youre driving along. kids are in the back screaming, Daddy i have to go to the bathroom!!

not now damnit! truck tire. eeekkk. oh my god were burning alive! no i cant feel my legs! here comes the meat waggon! the medic gets out and says oh my god. new guys in the corner pukin his guts out. blah blah. all because you wanted to save a couple of pennies. you say youre a gangster, but you stupid. guys with a six pack are better then guys with out one. most blondes are not truly blonde. i do not believe they have more fun. be cool and stay in school. do not party too hardy or it might hurt.

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