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As Economy Sags, Subs Soar - Chicago Sun-Times

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This article caught my attention due to the fact that I have been a substitute teacher for two years. When I decided that vet school was not for me after two years of undergraduate study in Zoology, I wanted to go back to my dream. I wanted to teach. Instead of jumping into a curriculum without knowing whether I wanted to continue it or not, again, I became a sub instead. I absolutely loved it. I was able to experience a variety of learning settings. I taught everywhere from Preschool centers and day cares to high schools. I truly felt like a natural in the classroom. I had calls every day from schools in Auburn, Opelika, Lochapoka, etc… I was really excited that they wanted me back. After a while, I was primarily at Drake Middle School in Auburn. It was a nightmare that turned into a dream. I had bars on my windows and doors. I had a two-digit code on the phone in my room that dialed directly to the police. The police were never more than two minutes away. I was terrified. The kids entered my first period class kind of rambunctious and excited to have a sub. As soon as I started class, by calling roll, I stated the rules up front, and talked to them like real people, not just kids. Before the end of that day, I had kids coming to me with personal problems, and needing help in other classes. The kids looked up to me because I was young and new. I really loved those kids. My point here is that substituting should not just be used for a way out of your current job. It should however be used to find out if you want to teach. If that sub really stinks at the job, they will know soon enough. Teaching is not a job for just anybody, you really have to love what you are doing. You can hate your job as a computer technician and curse computers all day long. If you are a teacher that hates their job, you need to find something else to do. I think McDonalds is always hiring and would love to have a new employee.

I agree with the statements in the article saying that substitutes should have to have more than just a high school education to be a full time sub. I don’t think that many school districts would hire an extremely uneducated, ignorant person. You have to have common sense at least. I think that all subs should have to go through training before entering a classroom. I say this hypocritically being that I only had one orientation with Auburn City Schools. I was in orientation with three other women. After orientation, two of them changed their minds after seeing video tapes of the classroom. But, that is great that they did not wait until they were in the real life situation.

Watching video tapes of the classroom, and being thrown in a real life situation are totally different. I don’t think video tapes bring in the emotion enough. Walking into the school, finding the office, talking with the principal, and getting into your classroom, cannot be expressed. It is definitely overwhelming the first time. Nervous excitement has to be the best and worst feeling ever. For me, everything calmed down the first time my students walked in the room and eventually sat down after being told to do so.

Kids, especially high school, walk into the room saying “YES!” and “Alright, we got a sub!” That really does not make you feel good the first time. After you establish the initial greeting and roll call, you give them the assignment. If they get out of hand, remind them of the consequences when their teach returns. Always let them know that if they finish early they cannot talk, if they disrupt class, find a dictionary and tell them to start copying. It may sound really mean, but it works every time. Once they know that you are not going to let them run you over, they respect you and then the friendships begin. It is wonderful how little minds work.

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This is just my rule of thumb for anyone who wants to be a substitute, but there are many other opinions out there. I think that there is definitely a problem with not having enough subs. There is an even greater shortage of substitutes that will work with multi handicapped children or learning/behavior disordered children. There are so few subs that agree to work with Special Ed that teachers can rarely get off work for even severe cases. I have seen Special Ed teachers come to school the day of their mother’s funeral because it was impossible to get a substitute for that day. To me, there is a very high demand for subs in Auburn City Schools. The list probably has less than fifteen subs on it for fall semester right now. I am currently employed with Auburn City Schools as a substitute. I just recently added my name to the list. I received a phone call asking me to sub for Auburn Early Ed, so I contacted the main office and did everything I needed to do to get back on the list. Even though I am in school full-time, I still want to experience the classroom. I am also known as the Special Ed sub for Auburn, that makes me feel good.

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