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In order to understand this essay one must know and understand the meaning or definition of the word globalisation. The act of globalisation is the integration and incorporation of the people of the world into one single global-village. I will first be dealing with the positive aspects of this incredible phenomenon.

One of the main positive aspects of globalisation is the discovery and the speed of the development of technology. The discovery of technology has allowed the human race to discover communication, where it be by telephone, mail, or via the internet. Technology has also brought us media. Through media people all over the world are able to view and understand different messages of communication through the media. For example the people of America are able to understand and view what occurs in Iraq through the use of media.

Another positive aspect of globalisation is the integration of different cultures.

Globalisation has given us the opportunity to experience other cultures and change our view point on other cultures, thus enriching our lives. By discovering new and different cultures we widen our horizons on life and become closer to the different people of the world. The list of positive aspects of globalisation is endless.

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Despite the many positive aspects to ‘globalisation’, it also has its flaws. For instance, even though culture is seen as a positive aspect we can also see it as a loss of cultural identity. The more globalisation occurs in the cultural fields of our lives the more we integrate other cultures into ours, thus implementing different aspects of other cultures into ours and ultimately loosing the basic fundamentals of our culture.

Another main flaw of globalisation is the exploitation of smaller nd and rd world countries. Because globalisation is developing at such a rapid pace the smaller and less advanced countries are left behind in the fields of technology, media and basic important knowledge of what goes on in our world today. Because of this flaw these smaller underdeveloped countries are more prone to economical and political instabilities and therefore creating a constant power struggle within the country.

It is all very well knowing the positive and negative aspects of globalisation, yet in order to create some sort of balance it is essential to know who influences the outcomes of these impacts. Who has the power to control such a huge, rapid developing phenomenon.

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