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maple syrup

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Maple syrup…you are probably saying to yourself right now “Oh yeah I’ve tasted that before”, or “Oh yeah I know that stuff”, but what you don’t know is this is a barrier which shields you from the real stuff. This will lead you in to the sweet wonderful world of maple syrup and turn your head away from the fake industrialized maple syrup and allows you have a glimpse of what you are really missing.

True maple syrup is golden brown with a delightful smell which takes your breath away. One drop on your tongue is all it takes for you to get hooked; you might even call it the cocaine of desserts. Most people would say that they can describe what maple syrup tastes like with only two words “Mmm and Yum”. Although maple syrup can be very fattening there is nothing like it, there is no substitute for maple syrup.

Maple syrup can be eaten with a variety of foods such as pancakes, bacon, fried eggs, desserts, cookies, etc. Yeah you’re probably saying to yourself right now “How can I eat bacon and eggs with maple syrup! They just don’t go together”. Many people I knew thought the exact same thing, for example Maddie Moore who used to go to Ho Chi Minh City School. I was eating breakfast with her and we had bacon and eggs. I poured maple syrup on it and she said that that was disgusting until she tried it for herself and she just got hooked. She couldn’t get enough of that stuff.

As the saying goes “If you want something, you have to work for it”. Well that is totally true in this case because maple syrup is very hard to make. It is very time consuming. The tools which are needed are a drill with a 7/16- or 1/-inch bit for drilling tap holes in trees; metal or plastic collection spouts for each tap hole and a large container; a large pan to boil the sap. (The size needed will depend on how much sap you intend to handle.); a large-scale thermometer calibrated at least 15 degrees above the boiling point of water; wool for filtering finished syrup while hot; and a bottle to store the syrup.

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The very first thing you have to do is make tap holes in the maple tree. You drill a hole into the tree and insert a tap. Then you attach a plastic tube to open buckets for the collection of the tree sap. In one day on average you can collect one quart to one gallon, depending on the conditions. Producing maple syrup is essentially a matter of concentrating the sugar solution to a predetermined level through evaporation. Heat is used to concentrate the sap and to develop the characteristic maple color and flavor that make maple syrup so highly desirable. You will put the sap into the pan and heat it. The boiling point of maple syrup is 107 degrees Celsius and the temperature must be carefully monitored and the sap must be stirred constantly to ensure the heat distribution is even and so it doesn’t get burnt.

Maple syrup is very hard to obtain. Why could anyone be bothered to sit in front of a very hot pan and stir for hours and hours just for some lousy syrup? Well, that is one of the things about maple syrup; it is so good it drives people to go through pain and hardship just for the taste. As I said before it is like the cocaine of desserts and nothing can be a substitute for it. Ask anyone if they have tasted maple syrup before and from how they reply you can tell if they have tasted real maple syrup or the fakze maple syrup.

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