Monday, December 19, 2011

poison ivy

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No essay paper I cant believe that they are wanting the essay to be over two hundred and fifty words. I am on the PC all day at work so typing an essay is no biggy but a waste of time. I simply wanted to read the rest of the paper on hypntosis. I picked medical. If anyone gets bored and cant think of anything to write about someone should take up the subject of poison ivy. This is the first time in my life that I gotton poison ivy. It is very nasty and you are constantly itching. Which isnt a big suprise but I thought Oh you had a rash for a couple of days and then it was gone. It is horrible. I have purchased ivy rid, taken benadryl pills, cream, & spray,ivyrid, and no I am on pills from the doctor. Apparently there is a steroid shot that gets rid of it quickly but unfortuately my doctor doesnt like to give it unless you are covered head to toe with the disgusting blister/rash. In reading about it a lot of people dont believe they are allergic to it since they have been exposed to it and havent broken out. Apparently, it takes a couple of exposures for most people to break out. The other intriquing thing is the oil is what spreads it and it can stay active on clothing for a year!In addition, if you directly touch the oil from the plant you will have severe poison ivy and only a physician can prescibe the cure shots or pills. It may be the case with me because a product called Zenfel (which according the pharmsist should be a cure all) should have worked on me. It didnt! I got it from going swimming with my girlfriend and I saw a rash on her leg I asked her what it was and she said poison ivy. I brought an extra raft to the pool for her to use and I must have caught the posion ivy from the raft when I carried it home. I started itching on my arm the next day and it tourned out to poison ivy. It is now on my arms and legs. I have put everything on it and I am just spreading it.

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