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Reminiscence of a day

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Reminiscence of a day Reflection of a country

Biplab Khatri

On a hot mid-summer day, a group of young people from Kathmandu are hastily walking uphill a narrow path towards an underprivileged remote village situated in the outskirt of Kathmandu. A place very near to the capital city. In fact, only half an hour’s drive north from Kathmandu followed by three hours of walk uphill. But ages behind in terms of development and other perspectives. The scorching sun offered them nothing more than perspiration head to foot. But their terminus, known by the name of ‘Dandagaun’ was injecting energy in their veins to walk and walk more, which they were doing for the preceding two hours.

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Once at the hilltop and inside the village they had little time to rejoice the chilling fresh water running down the village tap and the panorama of the valley, which was a rare sight for people living in the valley itself but had never taken the time to go up the frontiers, in form of hills around it and catch a glimpse of the valley. Within two shakes of a lamb’s tail they were engrossed in talks with the villagers about sanitation in the village as the main objective of their trip was to learn about the state of sanitation in the village and see if they could lend a hand to improve the persisting condition.

After an hour of confabulation with the villagers, some hasty strides across the village and close observations of houses and toilets in the village, the youngsters in the team were flabbergasted at the sight of dung-heaps all around and household wastes disposed here and there. What really took them aback was that some houses had their kitchen and cow-shed side by side. No place was virtually free of litter. You can just perceive of the condition of sanitation in the village that one of the boys in the team vomited twice that day and all credits to the malodour there. The team was even more startled when they found out that out of ninety four households in the village only two had cemented modern toilets, one that of the local landlord, ‘Jamindar’ in the language of the villagers themselves and another of a person working in the army, twenty three others had conventional bamboo-made toilets and the rest had no single place designated as toilet.

Everyone was bemused that every single thing they saw there and not only the sanitation was beyond the realm of their imagination. Things didn’t turn out to be as easy as they had thought while departing from Kathmandu. Their initial zeal of ‘lending a hand’ was lost somewhere in the vagueness of hesitation in their minds now. They couldn’t see eye to eye on any decision on what to do next. After nearly an hour of deadlock they all concurred on returning back to Kathmandu for that day and come back later as soon as possible with a proper planning on what to do in the village

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