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St. John's Bread for Life

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St. John’s Bread for Life

St. John’s Bread for Life is a very important organization that helps thousands

of people each year. The basis of the program is a soup kitchen located in Bedford-

Stuyvesant, Brooklyn that serves breakfast and lunch to needy New Yorkers each day.

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They also provide clothes, health and counseling services to those who need it. They try to make programs that strengthen and empower the people and community around them.

This organization is inspired by St. Vincent de Pauls compassion and desire to serve

those in need.

Poverty is a very important social problem that affects millions of people

throughout our country and countries around us. There are statistics to show this, but the

feelings of emptiness and despair of those affected by poverty could never be measured.

The soup kitchen, which is located in Bedford-Stuyvesant, is one of the poorest areas of

Brooklyn, New York. Almost 7% of the total population receive public assistance. St.

John’s Bread of Life also serves residents of six homeless shelters near the soup kitchen.

Many times poverty, homelessness, illiteracy, and language barriers can

make it difficult and even impossible for people to find and obtain help. St. Johns

Bread for Life collaborates with a large network of volunteer services to deliver a diverse

group of programs that empower people and help them become more self-reliant. People

suffer many different types of hardships in their life and through the help of volunteers


who have a caring and loving heart they carry out God’s will by helping those in need.

Volunteers know that an important thing in bettering one’s life is to get an education

that could lead to a good job. The problem is that many of these homeless individuals

have been like this their whole life, nevertheless them and their families did not have

enough money for a proper education. An employment counselor works with homeless

and disadvantaged people in St. John’s Bread for Life’s programs who are able to work.

Individuals can receive vocational counseling and job placement, referrals to GED

programs, and job training. Many people involved in these programs have been

employed as porters, stock handlers, security guards, cashiers and office workers.

This organization also battles the tough social issue of AIDS, which has killed

millions of people and continues to be a widespread horrendous problem throughout our

world. They offer a support group for those who are AIDS/HIV positive. This is a tough

disease to battle alone and many of the soup kitchen guests have this disease. These

people need caring individuals to help them through this. The participants in this

program receive referrals to housing agencies and medical services, as well as

healthy meals.

St. John’s Bread for Life helps so many in their every day lives. It is our religious obligation as Christians following the example of God to help those in need. The many people who work for this charity are not only benefiting the needs of others but also helping themselves grow as a mature and loving Christians. I think that we should all follow this as an example to live by and always lend a helping hand out when we can.

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