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Summary Passage (West Side Story)

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West Side Story is a novel about a two rival gangs, the Jets and the Shark located in West Side Manhattan, New York. The Jets, led by Riff feel that the Sharks, led by Benardo are invading their territory. The Sharks presume that they should be able to preside anyplace they choose. After the gangs provoke each other countless times the Jets plan to put a stop to it. Riff comes up with the idea of an all-out battle. The jets plan to meet up at a local community center where a dance was being held for the whole community, including the Sharks. Tony, Riff’s right hand man and founder of the Jets also attends the dance on Riff’s behalf. After a while Tony decides to leave before anything goes down but on his way out he spots a pretty girl just standing around. Tony is instantly struck by her beauty. The girl he was dancing with was no other than Maria, Benardo’s sister and Chino’s fianc�.

Maria realizes that Tony is one of the Jets but at that moment she doesn’t care. She doesn’t find anything wrong with him and in her opinion he’s the exact opposite of how Benardo depicted Jets to be. Before long the two were broke up by Benardo. Once both of the gangs gathered behind their leaders Riff called Benardo out for the battle.

Benardo wouldn’t back down from the challenge and so instantly accepted. The war councils were to meet at a near by dinner later on that meeting to make arrangements to the battle after to girls were taken home.

Love-struck Tony did not want to leave Maria. He had to find her. After meeting Maria at her house they announced there love for each other and planned to meet each other the next day at Maria job, the Senora Mantanios Bridal Shop.

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After the war-councils of both gangs meet it is decided that the battle would take place under the highway. One fighter was to be chosen by each side and they were to battle it out using only their fist as weapons. Diesel was chosen to represent the Jest and Benardo was chosen to represent the Sharks. They were to fight till the death the very next day.

When Tony arrived at the bridal shop only hour before the battle was to take place Maria instantly fell into his arms. Neither of them wanted the fight to take place but Tony was the only one that could stop it. He had to do it for the sake of Riff and Maria.

When Tony arrives at the battle field the battle has already commenced. After falling to break up the fight Riff and Benardo decide to battle it out with each other again.

Tony again tries to intervene but Riff tells him to stay out of it. At that moment, while Riffs attention is afar, Benardo stabs Riff. In a moment of rage Tony takes to knife and in return stabs Benardo. Before anybody can catch what just happened the police arrive and everybody splits up and goes their separate ways. Tony, realizing what he just done hurries of to see Maria for the last time. He planned to turn himself in to the authorities. After spending some quality time with Maria Tony runs off. Maria tells her brother’s girlfriend, Anita to find Tony and tell him to meet her at Doc’s. Once Anita arrives at Doc’s were she suspects to find Tony she is interceded by some of Riff’s boys. A-rab commences to rape Anita but is stopped by Doc. In her rage Anita shouts that Maria will never see Tony again for she was shot but Chino. After this was told to Tony, Tony hurries of in all his furry to find Chino and kill him. Tony hurries of to the middle of Shark territory to call Chino out. Before he knows it he is shot in the chest by Chino.

Maria arrives and greaves over Tony. After a moment she takes the gun away from Chino and attempts to shot Chino, Anybody’s and herself but before she could she is stopped

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