Tuesday, December 6, 2011


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Today my team consisting of Adrio Louw, Isaac Lazario and myself will present to you why “technology has gone too far”. By the end of today, I’m sure that you will agree with us that technology has gone too far.

Firstly, weapons of mass destruction. You may think weapons of mass destruction were only something Iraq obtained, but you are wrong. In fact, the first use of chemical weapons was on August 6th, 15, during World War , when the atomic bomb was used. This was the first atomic bomb to be used against an enemy position; the United States Army Air Forces dropped it on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Albert Einstein and the Manhattan Project developed this bomb. According to U.S. estimates 60,000 to 70,000 people were killed or missing as a result of the bomb and many more were made homeless. This advancement in technology was not only the cause of the loss of thousands of lives, but also the cause of environmental destruction. The blast also destroyed more than 10 sq km of the city, completely destroying 68 percent of Hiroshimas buildings and another 4 percent were damaged. In addition to its nearly unimaginable destructive force, consisting of pressure waves, flash burns, and high winds, a nuclear explosion also produces deadly radiation in the form of gamma rays. The radiation from the nuclear explosion destroyed all the living matter and contaminated the soil and water.

Secondly, over fishing. The advancement in technology was the cause of over-fishing in global waters. Between 150 and 10 the amount of fish caught in our oceans has increased by 5 times. The annual fish catch per annum is now at 10 million tones. Engines have replaced sail and fishing is no longer done with “PASSIVE GEAR” that is equipment that waited for the fish. As a result fish can be more actively pursued and more fish caught.

For example radar allows ships to fish in foggy conditions and sonar allows schools to be more easily caught. Fishers on large boats now have access to satellite weather data that allows them to plot the location of warm and cold weather fronts.

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