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The Iraq Project

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The Iraq Project

The Iraq Project was initiated in New York in May 00 as a hub to facilitate the connection of individuals, investors and companies who are interested in rebuilding the infrastructure of Iraq. Companies and agencies from all areas, both international and Iraqi, are encouraged to participate in this project. Various corporations work as hands-on project management and business development agencies, their involvement in the Iraq Project will include work as facilitators, agents and brokers. As development projects in Iraq are initiated, these corporations will set up a presence in Baghdad. The Iraq Project is without political borders, and is based upon open involvement with companies from all over the world. The Iraq Project will include government and procurement agencies, as well as companies from the areas of telecommunications, technology, transportation, construction, real estate, energy, education, health, military equipment, and import and export trading concerns, all of which will help in rebuilding the infrastructure of Iraq. Now that the war is over, rebuilding Iraq is the top priority.

The reconstruction of the infrastructure of Iraq is an enormous task, fundamental to the initialization of the economy. This highly complex undertaking requires logistic competence in every respect. The Iraq Project, initiated after the second Gulf war, does not pursue political aims. It has been created to rebuild the country of Iraq with the cooperation of its people - the project is founded upon a respect for the culture of the land.

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The project to rebuild a cross-country highway from Kabul to Kandahar to Herat, funded by the United States, Japan, and Saudi Arabia, is one of the few tangible signs of reconstruction since the US-led war ousted the Taliban a year and a half ago. It will turn a several-day journey into a five-hour drive, improving commerce and daily life in countless ways. The shattered country that will come to life only with asphalt and bricks, canals and dams, schools and hospitals, and above all, jobs.

The Marshall Plan for Afghanistan that President Bush promised after the fall of the Taliban never fully came to pass. He proposed a long-term commitment that included projects like paving roads, clearing minefields, building clinics, and contributing to economic development.

But critics worry that without a commitment comparable to the post-World War II rebuilding plan, Afghanistian could once again fall prey to the poverty and lawlessness that fed Islamic extremism under the Taliban in the 10s. Despite the presence of a total of 11,500 coalition troops, United Nations agencies and foreign donors, Afghanistans provinces are dominated by warlords and riven with power struggles. Roads are virtually impassable or plagued by bandits, schools and health care are largely in shambles, and opium poppies, the only profitable crop for most drought-hit farmers, are being grown all over the country. The agency is said to have discreetly sent out requests for tenders from at least five companies involved in infrastructure and engineering. Education, health, transport and energy schemes are involved in what would be the biggest rebuilding project since World War II. Plans for the reconstruction have been detailed in a privately distributed USAid document, called Vision for post-conflict Iraq. A USAid spokeswoman said that the companies were chosen because of their proven ability, and that it was a policy to use US companies for projects funded by the American taxpayer.

The conflict in Iraq has created an urgent need to rebuild infrastructure and restore essential services within that country. Project management will need to be initiated to take on the mass task of this rebuilding. Many of the tasks listed below will be initiated in the building of Iraq

· Approved and targeted projects.

· Appropriations authorized by individual governments and non-governmental organizations.

· Administrative procedures.

· Contract bidding process.

· Awarded contracts.

· Sub-contract opportunities

· Project development status

Whatever the exact final form of the Iraqi government of the future, it must ensure a redistribution of wealth and power among the countrys three regions and ethnic groups. For over thirty years, the Baathis and their clique have hoarded wealth and power, to the detriment of the rest of the people. Redistribution is the key to calming civil strife and laying the groundwork for true democracy. As policymakers and officials debate the temporary government to be installed in Baghdad post-war, the overarching question of what are the principles to which the New Iraqi government adheres needs to be explored. The New Iraq, through nuanced argument and cultural portrayal needs to be discussed based on the values and ideas that ought to guide the rebuilding process.

What will indeed matter greatly to the destiny of Iraq, its talented, beleaguered people, and the entire Middle East is whether American society and the world mobilize and commit themselves to compassionately rebuilding a thriving New Iraq.

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