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The Mambo

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The launch of the Millennium’s newest Italian soccer cleat- The “Mambo” will entail a great deal of excitement, energy and effort. The idea stemmed from the fragment of one’s imagination and will hopefully eventually be realized through hard work and perseverance. This success is greatly dependant on the selected team members who shall believe in the product and pushed it forward. How can one select this ideal mix of people? As in the business world, much success can be credited towards that which is unknown, luck. On the other hand, experience in the industry will allow proper development of this new line with respect to all areas of developing a new product. Qualified individuals will be selected to form a team from all sources including contractors, in-house employees and outsourced individuals. The allocation of tasks will be set efficiently, and the responsibility of each individual will be clearly defined in order for employees to work to their maximum potential. Finally, the diversity of qualifications present within a team will most definitely be an incredible asset that will contribute to the success of the Mambo.

The Italian founded company � Bocio, specialized in sporting gear caters to the local market in all major cities in Italy. The company is well renowned for its high quality products that are fairly popular in the Italian market. New ideas are widely accepted, and with this came the proposal of the Mambo. In a city populated with many soccer fans the idea of creating a soccer cleat like no other in the current Italian market seemed to be a potential success story. Although similar ideas have been implemented in other nations, the Italian market longs for a product that they can boaster. So why the Mambo? Well, in Italy, soccer talent is considered an art; the players demonstrate their skill with rhythm and style as do the performers of their national dance- The Mambo. The integration of two expressions of art seemed to be a great way to capture the attention of the Italians. Along with this, a unique yet fashionable design of the shoe has utmost potential to be the next greatest hit in Italy. And so the progression of the idea evolved; the Mambo would be launched as Bocio’s next innovation.

Defining the composition of the team is initially the most integral task in order ensure that the product progresses as planned. Being part of a large organization, the technicalities involving team selection are predefined based on current and past teams. This simplifies the process of defining the positions within the team since the “ideal” composition is known to be fairly reliable (based on the company’s policies). The main task here was to customize this predefined composition in order to fit the needs of the specific product. Five main classifications were therefore formed in order to separate and distinguish the possible roles for the commercialization the Mambo. These classifications were divided according to the range of tasks that fall under them as follows The Research and Development group will consist of contracted designers with a great deal of experience. It is vital that these individuals are locals since the incorporation of Italian culture in the design of the product shall be an important factor for marketing the product. The Sales and Marketing group will consist of in-house employees that have experience within the Italian market. The qualification of these individuals is very important since sales of the product depend heavily on marketing of the shoe. The Accounting team shall consist of in-house employees; in particular, some individuals should take full charge of the account receivables. The Production team will consist of current in-house employees within the factory. Likewise, the Distribution team will also consist of in-house employees currently working in the distributing warehouse. Finally a contracted engineering team may be required to design machinery. Along with all of the aforementioned team classifications, the legal department already existent within Bocio can be used as required. The advantages of having existing company policies to abide by most definitely alleviates the hardships involved within the determination of team composition, since implemented policies are generally well researched and are therefore considered to be reliable.

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The criteria upon which individuals will be selected for the different positions will be based on the company’s selection and recruitment policies. In-house selection will be based on interviewing individuals that are interested and enthusiastic about working on this new line. Along with this, qualified employees who may not have necessarily expressed interest in being a part of the team may be asked if they would like the opportunity to join. In this case, only individuals who have demonstrated their capability to perform in their field of expertise, and who would most likely be a great asset to the team would be approached. Contractors will be hired based on established contacts within the company. Potential employees can also be outsourced and selected based on standard recruitment policies. This important process of team selection shall not be underestimated since it is this group which can make or break the success of a potential product.

Defining the tasks amongst different groups within the team can contribute to the overall pace of product development and can contribute towards the efficiency of task completion. It is vital that each group and individual be clear regarding their roles in order to fulfill their responsibilities to their fullest. Within the team mentioned above each classification will be given a list of assigned tasks along with potential dates by which these tasks must be fulfilled. The Research and development team will initially be heavily involved in the research aspect of the product. Details regarding technical design decisions to aesthetic decisions will be made. In particular, current competitive products will be studied in order to find what possible improvements/features are needed in order to ameliorate the product. Further details such as the name and logo of the product will be determined based on the research of market trends. After finalizing the design of the product, extensive testing will take place to ensure its’ reliability, and improvements to the design will be made. The Sales and Marketing group will be in charge of penetrating the market. Responsibilities include marketing the product through media such as television and newspaper ads, determining the target markets and deciding where to launch the product. This can be done by giving out samples in different locations and obtaining feedback from potential customers. Group members can also make appearances at trade shows in order to display the Mambo so that others become aware and knowledgeable about the product. The salesmen will then be responsible for creating new accounts, servicing existing accounts and keeping current customers satisfied. The accounting department will be responsible for arranging for the financing of the product, setting budgets and keeping tabs on the overhead. They will also be responsible for monitoring the sales and marketing in order to determine and keep track of the sales margins. Furthermore, part of the accounting team shall be in charge of accounts receivables. The Production team will be responsible for manufacturing the actual shoe and will consist of existing factory employees. The Distribution team will also consist of existing employees working in the distributing warehouse; their responsibilities include receiving the products from the production plant, packaging the shoes and shipping the products to the customers. Contracted Engineers will be used as necessary. They will determine if any additional/specialized machinery will be required to manufacture the shoe and will design such machinery. Finally, the general manager will oversee all of the above. He/she will keep a track of every aspect of the product and will constantly obtain reports/updates from each of the departments. The manager will also make recommendations to team members and ensure that the overall project remains on track. Defining the roles of the employees as above will better guide teams so that tasks can be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

The idea of the Mambo seemed to be perfect for the current market in Italy; this confirmed that the success of the product could definitely be realized. However, success does not only lie in a great idea, it is the many business decisions made throughout the life cycle of the product that leads to triumph. Having the right people involved in the development process as well as defining their tasks are major contributing factors that facilitate and accelerate development. Finally it is up to the market to feed off the hard work of the employees and to indulge in the irresistible product that will leave a mark in Italian history!

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