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The United States Involvement with Israel Historic and Present

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Hunter 1

Since the State of Israel was founded in 148, the United States

government has supported them through war and turmoil. The roots of

Americas particpation on the side of Israel can be traced back directly to

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Harry Trumans presidential administration. Eleven minutes after the

founding of Israel the United States recognized it as a sovereign nation.

Since that day, U. S. politics have balanced in policy between supporting

Israel and access to Middle Eastern oil (Grier 1-).

In October of 17, President Richard Nixon met with his Secretary of

State, Henry Kissinger to discuss the current war in the Middle East. Just

one day earlier the armies of Egypt and Syria had launched a surprise attack

on the Israelis. Kissinger informed the president that Israel was requesting

logistical support in the form of sidewinder missiles and ammunition.

Confident that he was picking the winning team, President Nixon agreed to

grant Israels request (Grier5).

It was predicted that Israel would win the war quickly; as they had in

the Six Day War of 167. The victory, however, did not come quickly.

After 16 days of intense fighting, and with the support of American transport

planes and F-4 Phantom Jets the Israeli army emerged as the victors. But,


in order to calm the raging tensions in the Middle East, there would have to

be negotiations for the return of the lands captured by Israel. Again the

United States took a piece of the action (Grier 6).

The end of the Yom Kippur War was the beginning of the American

hard-bargaining mediator phase. This era was marked by difficult, seemingly

successful negotiations, followed by dramatic agreement , handshaking, and

soaring hopes, and then a crash back to earth as neither side followed

through on what they agreed to. Peter Grier of The Christian Science

Monitor notes

Consider the Camp David accords -still the

most important Middle East pact to which

the US has served as midwife. President

Jimmy Carter had taken office promising a

new look for US foreign policy.The hard

realpolitik of the Nixon-Ford era, when

everything was seen through the lens of the

cold war, would be modified. In its place

would be an attempt to deal with regional


problems on their own terms. In the Middle

East, that meant a comprehensive approach

to Israeli-Arab differences, including some

sort of solution solution for the problem of

displaced palestinians (Grier 7).

At that time the United States relations with Israel peaked. Support for Israel

accounted for a whopping thirty-four percent of total United States foreign


In 181 The United States supported Israel with nearly two and one

half billion dollars in aid. Of that figure, less than half was a loan to be repaid

(U.S. Assitance 1). Also in 181, on seven June, the Israeli Defense Forces

launched a lightning fast airstrike comprised of F15 and F16 fighter jets

toward the Osirak nuclear facility near Baghdad, Iraq. One minute and

twenty seconds after the assault had begun, the nuclear reactor lay in ruins

(Raid 1). That July, after fighting between Israel and the Palestinians in

Lebanon, President Reagans special envoy, Philip C. Habib helped secure a

cease fire agreement (Background 14).

Ten years later, as the Allied Coalition Forces were removing Saddam

Hunter 4

Hussein and his troops from Kuwait, Iraq launched multiple missile volleys

toward Israel. As opposed to entering the war directly, Israel relied on the

United States Army to deflect the missile attacks (Background 15).

The Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, a branch of the U. S. State

Department reported

On September 1, 1, Israel and the PLO

signed a Declaration of Principles (DOP) on

the South Lawn of the White House. The

declaration was a major conceptual

breakthrough achieved under the Madrid

framework. It established an ambitious set of

objectives relating to a transfer of authority

from Israel to an interim Palestinian

authority. The DOP established May 1 as

the date by which a permanent status

agreement for the West Bank and Gaza Strip

would take effect. Israel and the PLO

subsequently signed the Gaza-Jericho

Hunter 5

Agreement on May 4, 14, and the

Agreement on Preparatory Transfer of

Powers and Responsibilities on August ,

14, which began the process of

transferring authority from Israel to the

Palestinians (Background 17).

Obviously, the historic peace accords would not hold their water in the long

run, as the turmoil continued into the twenty-first century.

On a videotaped statement released on seven October 001, Osama

Bin Ladin said, Neither America nor the people who live in it will dream of

security before we live it in Palestine (qtd. on CNN). By this it can be

understood that the United States will be plagued by terrorism as long as it

allies itself with and provides support for The State of Israel (Grier ).

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