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Adolescent literature and controversial values

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Adolescent literature often presents values, which are considered controversial. These values, which frequently influence the thoughts and actions of their readers, can be split into the three broad categories of personal, social and moral values. They include values such as friendship, love, loyalty and honesty. Many texts these days contain some form of controversial values, which often force their reader to question what message is being portrayed.

The movie “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, by J.K Rowling is one example of a text that has come under the magnifying glass for dealing with controversial issues. This movie brought continuous concerns about the lack of respect Harry and his friends, Ron and Herminie, have for the rules and the issue of them not setting a good example for their readers. This is evident when Harry was having his first flying lesson. The teacher Madam Hooch had to leave for a few minutes and left strict instructions that “No one is to ride their brooms, or they will be out of Hogwarts quicker than you can say Quidditch”. As soon as Madam Hooch left, Draco Malfoy, Harry’s arch rival, picked up Neville’s lost ‘Remembrall’ (a glass ball given to Neville by his Nan) and flew high into the sky threatening to throw it. Harry immediately disregarded Madam Hooch’s orders and flew up to stop Draco. Professor McGonagall was watching from out her window and saw Harry make an incredible catch of the ‘Remembrall’. Instead of being punished for disobeying Madam Hooch’s instructions Harry was rewarded by becoming the seeker for his house Quidditch team. This incident shows that Harry has no regard for the rules and is not setting a good example for his readers by going against what his teachers say. However, it does show that Harry personally values his friends and would risk expulsion from Hogwarts for them.

In the film “Bend It Like Beckham” many of the values expressed are controversial. The main character Jessi goes against her family’s wishes and sneaks off to Germany to play soccer, a sport which is forbidden in her household. She goes against her cultural and social values because she does not want just to become a house wife left to cook and clean. This raises concerns that she is disobeying her culture and family. This could be seen as a controversial value as she is not setting a good example by going against her parents wishes. This may encourage the adolescent viewer to not listen to their parents. On the other hand it shows that you have to follow your heart, do what makes you happy and what you feel is right.

The short story “Jozelda” displays a girl named Jessie’s moral values. This story has a very strong message of loyalty and honesty for its readers. When the popular girls Michelle and Romey are picking on Jozelda, Jessie cant take it. Even though she is scared of the girls, she cant let an innocent girl be treated this way. As she stands up to Michelle and Romey she has many thoughts running through her head, “I cant explain to you how awful that feeling was. I cant explain why I acted the way I did, when I relized Jozelda hadn’t come in yet. I mean, I didn’t even know Jozelda, or like her. But suddenly it seemed as though I was watching someone absolutely helpless being sort of invaded”. This quote shows the moral values that Jessie feels. It provides a good lesson in moral values for the reader that you should always stand up for people being bullied and dont get caught up in the peer pressure to be cool.

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These three texts illustrate values that are presented in adolescent literature and that are often considered controversial. They presents values such as friendship, loyalty, love and honesty. In “Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone” and “Bend it Like Beckham” there is many values and issues dealt with that are often referred to as inappropriate for adolescents they influence them to break rules and go against their parents wishes, this however is untrue as the positive messages and values found within the text and movies far out weigh the controversial values that some believe they poses.

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