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Argumentative essay

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Argumentative Essay

“Master Harold”…. and the boys, by Athol Fugard informs the reader of the great conflict between different racial groups in South Africa at this time. Fugard grew up in the middle of this conflict which influenced him in writing this book. Throughout the book important relationships are formed and racial comments are made, which all contribute to the fact that this book is an important book for secondary school students to study.

One of the central themes that is discussed in “Master Harold”…. and the boys are the relationships between each character. Throughout the book Willie develops a strong relationship with Sam because Willie is also black and about the same age as Sam. However this kind of relationship is not expressed between Hally (a white boy) and Sam. Hally is arrogant and clearly superior to Sam even though Sam is old enough to be Hally’s father. This kind of behavior was evident in Fugard’s lifetime in South Africa. Hally causes tension when he says “Sam that should be easy enough for you,” clearly shows how Hally intimidates Sam. In the book Hally displays a mixed relationship to his father. Hally goes from anxious to know how he is when he says “No Sam. They can’t be discharging him,” to eventually not caring about his father at all when he says “Life is just a plain bloody mess, that’s all. And people are fools.” Relationships can also be found in the movie “The Power Of One” where PK (a white boy) has a strong relationship with an older black man which is similar to the relationship shared by Hally and Sam. Even though both black men are older than there white friends, they have to call them either “Sir” or in Hally’s case, “Master Harold.” These examples demonstrate the relationships that were formed during Fugard’s lifetime in South Africa.

Another aspect that was discussed in the book and was evident in South Africa, was racism. Racism is displayed in the title. The words “Master Harold,” imply that the inverted commas suggest the status be not deserved or appropriate. The line, ….and the boys, in lower case shows the difference in status compared to “Master Harold,” which is in upper case. Also, tension is made when Hally commands Sam to call him “Master Harold” or Sam might lose his job as a servant. Another example of racial tension is when Sam was asked to leave the area because it was a “whites only bench.” This informs the reader of how life was like in South Africa during Fugard’s lifetime. Racist comments are again made by Hally when he says “Don’t try to be clever, Sam. It doesn’t suit you,” shows the prejudice that was experienced in South Africa. Another racist incident found in the book is when Hally had to ask permission for Sam to go in and get his father. Hally and his father would also joke about “Niggers” and Hally would often make things worse by telling Sam these jokes. Racial tensions are also evident in “The Power Of One,” when PK would get beaten up because he was English decent and most of the other boys were Dutch background. Racism is a very important feature for discussion and is present in both “Master Harold”…. and the boys and Fugard’s life in South Africa.

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