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Changing Roles of Staffing Practices and Selection Tools at 7-Eleven

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The Changing Roles of Staffing Practices and Selection Tools at 7-Eleven

Gary Dessler describes selection tools as any process that is used to screen potential employees (Dessler). Some companies use psychological, drug, or competency tests to determine if an applicant should be hired for a particular position within their company. Business is constantly changing and trends in globalization, technology, and diversity are directly affected by staffing practices and the selection process. This paper will discuss the changing roles of staffing practices and selection tools and its effectiveness within 7-Eleven.


7-Eleven Human Resources (H.R.) responds to staffing trends on a global level by recruiting employees from around the world using their website. They also conduct job fairs at universities all over the world. 7-Eleven is the world’s largest convenience store chain; with more than 1,000 convenience stores worldwide, the operations of 7-Eleven, Inc. (NYSE SE) include more than 5,700 7-Eleven and other convenience stores in the United States and Canada. In addition, licensees and affiliates operate more than 15,00 7-Eleven stores in the United States, its territories and 17 other countries (Baker, 001). 7-Eleven has employees from all nationalities. These employees have been recruited to work for 7-Eleven in roles from Sales Associate, all the way up to National Category Managers. 7-Eleven’s National Fresh Food Category Manager was recruited from a company in England. Recruiting employees globally has allowed 7-Eleven to evolve into not only a diverse group, but also a group of employees who bring different perspectives to the business. These different perspectives are what enable 7-Eleven to grow the business and continue to be an industry leader.

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Human Resources performs an important role in technology trends within 7-Eleven. Human resources has also responded to staffing trends in globalization by working with technical support to expand the company’s website to expose its business to applicants in the world market For example, H.R. recently worked with the Information Technology Department (IT) to develop automated selection tools called the Adlab system. This automated interview system screens non-qualified applicants so that only qualified applicants are scheduled for interviews. This technology is a phone or computer system that applicants can use to fill out an automated application. This advance in the screening process has eliminated unnecessary interviews by operations, which has saved time and money. H.R has also worked with IT to upgrade training programs that were once in manuals, but now are on user-friendly CD-Rom programs. This has enabled new applicants to be better prepared before starting their new positions. H.R. also uses technology to conduct background checks on managers and staff that are hired into the company. This technology enables 7-Eleven to avoid hiring employees that are potential risks to the company. Many of 7-Eleven’s retail stores have had problems in the past with employees who were dishonest, unreliable, or had a previous injury that was not disclosed on an application. The use of technology as a staffing tool has been a great benefit to the company.


Another example of how H.R. responds to staffing needs is by ensuring that 7-Eleven’s workforce is diverse. 7-Eleven prides itself on having one of the most diverse groups of employees in the marketplace. “7-Eleven has one of the most wildly diverse workforces in the United States,” says James Keyes, president and CEO of Dallas-based 7-Eleven, “where the staff members include 00 nationalities speaking more than 100 different languages. “For many years, we didnt know what to do about it whether to be quiet about one of our strengths or to talk about it” (Solis, 00). 7-Eleven for years has been the brunt of jokes about their diversity. Jay Lenno has often used 7-Eleven in his jokes, stating that it was “hard to find a 7-Eleven where English was spoken” (Solis, 00). 7-Eleven H.R. assists employees from other cultures in learning the language skills necessary in functioning within their particular store or department. This assistance allows a smoother transition for employees that encounter a language barrier. 7-Eleven has employees from all over the world, and they pride themselves on selecting individuals from all cultures. H.R. has played an important role in maintaining this status by conducting job fairs at universities and at 7-Eleven locations worldwide.

Globalization, technology, and diversity trends are just one of the many challenges that 7-Eleven H.R. faces. Although these areas are a challenge, H.R. has been extremely successful managing these areas. In the past, 7-Eleven staffed its operation by running ads in the local paper or using an employment agency. This has changed significantly. The effectiveness of 7-Eleven’s automated screening process has enabled applicants to apply within minutes, rather than calling a phone number out of an ad and waiting for an interview to be scheduled. This technology has allowed applicants to be screened immediately, and for interviews to be set up within 4 hours of completing an Adlab application. The global selection process has enabled the company to access great minds and abilities from around the world. In the past 7-Eleven was limited to only local recruiting. Technology has expanded the recruiting pool to a global level. This ability to recruit globally has also allowed 7-Eleven to recruit an even more diverse workforce.

Finally, selection tools enable 7-Eleven to find the right fit for positions. H.R. has been a major player in upgrading the selection process to allow 7-Eleven continued growth. This upgrade in the selection process enables 7-Eleven to stay ahead of the constant recruiting opportunities that most companies. Without this process, 7-Eleven would most likely struggle to staff the company with the correct personnel.


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