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Year 1 SACE Biology


1. List ways in which Humans practices can lead to major changes in communities. Give specific examples with data to support.

The ways in which human practices can lead to major changes in communities are as follows

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- Land degradation

- Polluting (waterways)

- Clearing land

- Intensive Farming (grazing, crops)

- Urban sprawl

- Deforestation

For example, Marine Ecosystem Pollution has been and still is a major problem in Novi Scotias surface waters. An abundance of thin and poorly buffered soils makes Nova Scotias surface water resources, and aquatic habitats, highly vulnerable to acid deposition. It is estimated that one third of the available Atlantic Salmon habitat has been lost due to acidification since 150, a loss of ,000 to 14,000 fish per year. Southwestern Nova Scotia, where trans boundary air pollutants are concentrated, has been hardest hit.

. List examples of species extinctions that have been brought about by human activities.

An example of a species that has become extinct, due to human activity, is the hippopotamus sized marsupial, Diprotodon, which became extinct about 0,000 years ago. There is fossil evidence that, until recently, Australia was the home of a much greater variety of marsupials, and that some of the large forms, the mega fauna i.e. the Diprotodon, became extinct due to a combination of factors such as climate change and human activity.

Another example of a species that has become extinct due to human activities is the Tasmanian tiger. The Tasmanian tiger was once present all over Australia but they became extinct on the mainland about two thousand years ago, and have been confined to Tasmania since then. This demise was caused by the introduction of the dingo to Australia by human about 4000 years ago, as dingos are only found on the mainland. After Europeans arrived in Tasmania, the Tasmanian tiger was hunted to extinction, as it was considered to be a problem for sheep farmers.

. Explain why the exponential growth of the human population is not sustainable

The exponential growth of the human population is not sustainable because of the fact that the resources that we use are becoming lesser and lesser, and the human population keeps expanding in size.

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