Monday, January 9, 2012

Ethics- The art of living

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Ethics is about moral choices.It is about the value that lie behind them, the reason people give for them, and the language they use to describe them. It is about innocence and guilt, right and wrong, and what means to live a good or bad life.it is about the dilemmas of life , death, sex, violence and money. it exploeshuman virtues and vices and duties.To be intreasted in ethics is to intreasted in life.Each day we are bombarded with news of personal choices and their consequences,from the sexual proclivites of the famous to the violence and tragedy of war, and from the sight of those who are straving in an otherwise prosperous world to the casual vandalism and petty crime on inner-city streets.The explantions given for these things may vary, from elaborate justifications in terms of a political or economic ideology to the general complaint that traditional values have vanished. we cannot escape from moral issues, even if our own lives are untouched by painful decision or tinges of guilt.In this respect babies are lucky.They feel hungry or dirty or wet and just scream until someone figures out what is wrong and gives them what they need.They do not have the intellectual ability to question how they got into their particular mess, or the steps they need to take to get out of it. They are not morally responsible. Many choices are a straight forward matter of personal prefference,and the action that springs from them are neither moral nor immoral.They become the subject of moral debate only because of the intentions behind them, their results and the values of society or the individual that they refelct.

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