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Never tell me never

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To many people Janine Shepherd is an inspirational person. She has faces her challenges head on and she never backs away from anything. The main challenges that Janine has faced an overcome in her life are; when she was seriously depressed, when she was able to walk again, when she had to overcome the fact she couldn’t do as many sports as she could before and when she was able to have children.

Janine was faced with a lot of issues in a short period of time. Some of these issues she could overcome and some of these issues she could not overcome. It was the issues she couldn’t overcome that sent her into a deep depression. Janine was really struggling with having to stay in hospital for such along time. When she said ‘I felt trapped in my own body and felt there was no way out’ (page 78) it showed how difficult it would have been for her.

In the book ‘Never Tell Me Never’ the story was really based around Janine’s struggle to try and walk again. From the first couple of days in the hospital Janine was absolutely positive that she would walk again know matter what the doctors told her she wouldn’t listen. Her positive outlook towards the challenge that faced her was some what ignorant but it was more inspirational than anything else.

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Janine may have been able to walk again but she could not do a lot of other things like sports. Janine set the goal that she would ski again during her recovery. This goal she set could not be accomplished along with the other fact that she couldn’t play many other sports. Even the sports should could play she couldn’t play as competitively as she did before the accident. Janine was able to adapt to this quite well, she didn’t moan about it or over emphasize it she just accepted it.

From early on in Janine’s recovery the doctors told her that she would never be able to have children. Janie wasn’t too affected by this news because she was just too focused on overcoming her other goals and she had never really considered having children prior to the accident. When Janine recovered from her injuries she was able to have children. This was so inspirational because it wasn’t luck it was Janine’s stubbornness and determination to restore her life to the way it was before her accident.

The story of Janine Shepherd is so inspirational to people because of her never say never attitude. The way she was so confident and positive to say that she would walk again and that she would survive so early in her recovery and then go ahead and do it was amazing. Janine’s love for her life is hope and encouragement for others to overcome their own challenges. Janine Shepherd is truly an inspirational person.

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