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True of False In the opening scene of Oedipus the King

Thebes has a plague upon it.

Oedipus opinion of himself is that he is A. The champion of Thebes

B. A mere mortal

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C. All knowing

Oedipis is so famous because________________

answer he solved the riddle of the sphinx

True or False The priest considers Oedipus a god.

The significance of the crown Creon wears is that A. its made of laurel

B. its in bloom

C. there are thorns upon it

The news Creon brings is that__________________

answer the cause of the plague is the murder of Laius.

True or False Blood must be spilled from the man who killed Laius to lift the


Who was murdered? A. Oedipus

B. Laius

C. Creon

State one specific problem Thebes was facing________________

answer crop failure or cattle failure or stillborn babies

True or False The dramatic irony in Oedipus the King is that the detective of the

murder case is the murderer himself.

How does Oedipus say the murderer will be punished? A. he will be


B. he will have to wear a

scarlet letter

C. he will be murdered or


Oedipus is angry with Tiresias because_______________

answer he will not answer his questions.

True or False The rumours about Laius death is that he died in battle.

Tiresias is A. a blind prophet

B. a sheperd

C. Laius brother

Tiresias accuses _________ of the murder.

answer Oedipus

The description that Tiresias gives of the murderer is that hes here in Thebes,

hell become a blind beggar and _________________

answer he will be both the brother and father to his offspring.

True or False The prophecy that Tiresias gives is that Oedipus will be driven

from the land and go blind.

Oedipus is angry with Creon because A. he is the murderer

B. he accuses him of being the murderer

C. he thinks Tiresias and he is trying to

have him overthroned.

True or False Jocasta says that Oedipus should be mindful of prophecies.

The prophecy that Apollo gives Oedipus is that he will A. kill his father and

marry his mother

B. become a blind, beggar

C. solve the sphinxs riddle

Laius was killed at a place where__________________

answer three roads meet.

True or False Oedipus leaves Corinth to solve the riddle of the sphinx.

Oedipus means A. swollen head

B. tragic hero

C. swollen foot

The news the messenger brings is that _________________

answer Polybus has died

True or False Jocastas attitude toward the gods stays consistent.

Who realizes the truth first? A. Oedipus

B. Creon

C. Jocasta

Oedipus unkowingly killed Laius when___________

answer he met him at the roads.

True or False Oedipus stabbed himself in the eye with a dagger and

became blind.

Jocasta committed suicide by A. drinking poison

B. hanging herself

C. stabbing herself

________ takes over the throne of Thebes.

answer Creon

True or False At the end of Oedipus the King Oedipus commanding nature


The earliest recorded play comes from A. England

B. Romania

C. Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece can be divided into parts; The Epic Age, The

Lyric age and the __________________

answer The Dramatic Age

True or False Homer wrote The Odyssey and The Iliad during the Lyric Age.

What grew during the Lyric Age? A. population

B. individualism

C. city-states

The Epic Age occured during the ________ century BC.

answer eighth

True or False Aristocratic families ruled during the Epic Age.

The Lyric Age occured during which century BC? A. 8th, th

B. 5th, 6th

C. 6th, 7th

True or False The Dramatic Age took place during the fifth century BC.

Aesops writings persists of A. fables

B. plays

C. short novels

Fables are brief stories with characters who always act human and

is stated more in the form of a ____________.

answer proverb

The arrival of the city-state began in the A. Lyric Age

B. Epic Age

C. Dramatic Age

True or False The Dramatic Age is also known as the Golden Age.

_________ becomes the center of Greece during the Dramatic Age.

answer Athens.

True or False in the battle between the Greeks and Persians the Persians won.

The victory of the battle between the Persians and Greeks took place

when? A. 56 BC

B. 768 BC

C. 47 BC

The Greeks strengthened their minds with geometry, their bodies with gymnastics,

and their souls _________________________.

answer by learning poetry, philosophy, and music

True or False Drama originally began as a dance used in worship of the god Zeus.

Athens held huge play festivals that lasted A. days

B. 7 days

C. weeks

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