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AUSTRALIAS current account deficit grew to $7.871 billion in the September quarter amid analysts predictions of a further deterioration to come, with the full impact of the drought likely to make its impact felt on net exports in 00.

Todays figure compares with a downwardly revised $7.05 billion in the June quarter, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said.

Analysts were expecting a widening in the deficit to $8 billion, or 4.5 per cent of gross domestic product.

The current account measures the value of all transactions between Australia and the rest of the world.

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The September quarter deficit blew out as exports slowed, because of the drought and lower demand from the still struggling world economy.

SMALL investors are still struggling to come to terms with exactly how they should be investing their money as market performance signals remain mixed and changeable.

Such gyrations have caused confusion and frustration among investors who are still hanging out for a bigger bang for their bucks.

Their dilemma how does one go about maximising returns at a time when the nature of investments and investment markets are changing?

Investment professionals admit they are also struggling with this one.

In such an environment, your best bet is to shut out the noise, work out exactly where you hope to end up financially, then explore realistic ways of getting there.

10 Guidelines to selling your property


1. Choose your agent

Telephone the Real Estate Institute of your state’s Membership section for a list of REI Members in your area. Ask REI Members to provide you with a marketing plan. (REI Members must abide by the REIQ Code of Ethics.)

. Establish house price

Your selected agents can use market analysis and comparative sales techniques to guide you on realistically pricing your home. Realistic pricing helps sell quickly.

. Choose a marketing plan

Your chosen agent can then guide you on the most effective forms of sale, which include auctions, Multilist, and exclusive and sole agencies. REI research shows newspapers and window displays play an important part in the marketing process, as can property Internet sites, such as Realnet.

4. Allocate funds for marketing

The REI recognises and supports the industry “rule of thumb” that sellers should allocate about 1 per cent of the value of the property to marketing. Agents and newspaper advertising staff can then provide you with expert advice on effective advertising.

5. Have documentation to assist listing agent

As the seller, you should have such information as a recent rates notice, title information and perhaps a photocopy of the mortgage document for your agent.

6. Complete minor repairs

Minor repairs should be carried out before the property is listed for sale.

7. Secure a building inspection report

Having a building inspection report from a reputable person assures the buyer that the property has been inspected and that any major faults have been noted.

8. Access to property

Once the property is listed for sale, the agent must have access to the property without having to find the owner and then wait for keys. Lack of access could create a missed sale opportunity.

. Be prepared for an inspection at any time

Once the agent has access to your property, they may take potential buyers to your property at any time during work hours after telephoning you first. Keeping the house tidy means your property looks its best all the time.

10. Maintain presentation of property

Presentation is not just about keeping the inside of the property tidy, but also about keeping the lawns mown, shrubs tidy and hoses put away. A tidy property is a saleable property.

Prepared in conjunction with the Real Estate Institute of Queensland. www.reiq.com.au

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