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Close your eyes

dont try to resist

the soft touch

the sweetest kiss

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Dont promise me a promise

until you can promise you wont break it

dont feed me all your lies

i can always tell when you fake it

Im not a figment

of your imagination

touch me. im real.

stop causing this violation

Now always and forever

my heart will be with you

but its baracaded for protection

and it wont let you through

Deprivation of you

so close and i cant touch

i cant even hear your voice

God i hate this so much

I cant force myself to forget

I cant be strong anymore

I cant bear to pretend

this cannot be ignored

The silence hurts

Its growing inside

it doesnt want to

feel the need to hide

let it be heard

and youll be surprised

what you can see

through the iris of my eyes

breathe in

breathe out

youre like the air

i cant live without

im broken hearted

and stupified

so please push paast

off to the side

my jaded soul

and my faded dreams

im playing your game

and you on the wrong team

im your insignificant other

trying to reach out and touch

it seems im falling backwards

so my becomes my crutch

im lost without this love

and locked up in my mind

please open your eys

and dont leave me behind



Look into these lonely eyes,

And see your angel in discuise.

In this dream were trapped inside,

You cant run but you can hide.

I remember when you promised me

A safe place in your heart

But now this never ending heartache

is tearin me apart.

I know your love is somewhere,

I just have to look around,

Ill be here forever baby,

Just get my heart up off the ground.

I think about you all day long,

Wanting anything but to be alone,

While I listen to your favourite songs,

Wanting just to call you on the phone.

I would die to see you one last time,

To heal this little heart of mine,

To look into your loving eyes,

To erase all the pointless lies.

Forgive me

For the pain Ive caused,

Forgive me

For the love Ive lost.

Forgive me

For letting you walk away.

And please forgive me

For being afraid.

Ive given up on love,

Because loves given up on me,

Its done nothin but burn my dreams,

And its the extreme third degree.

Letting go of you

Is like letting go of life,

Giving into darkness,

And turning down the light.

As I watch your eyes

Look into mine,

I see your loves long lifeline,

Lasting till the end of time.

For this love you have

Is so sublime,

That youd think that it

Should be mine.

But the love i see

Is not for me,

Its a reflection of who

I want you to be.

I blink then grasp reality,

Lose the feeling of vitality,

I give up and watch you fade away,

I wish that you would only stay.

And take care of your angel one more time,

Cause it is hard for me to say good bye

To the endless love I have for my

Beautiful angel in discuise.

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