Saturday, February 4, 2012

Conflict Management

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Everyone gets into some form of conflict, whether they are with a parent, teacher, friend or stranger. These most conflicts can be over anything, big or small. Nearly all conflicts involve underlying emotional issues. The stronger the feelings, the more difficult the resolution. To resolve conflicts it is important to address the feelings of all involved. Conflicts can have a positive outcome.

Conflict resolution can be defined, as is a positive approach to personal and group conflicts that help people with differences communicate effectively to come up with workable solutions. Conflict resolution programs can cover any or all components. Basically they fall into two categories peer mediation or school counselor ran groups.

The major themes of conflict resolution programs are active listening, where participants summarize what each has said to ensure accurate comprehension; cooperation between disputants; acceptance of each others differences; and creative problem-solving, which takes into account each disputants position. The programs emphasize learning from experience, with teachers serving as facilitators and coaches. Through role-playing and a variety of team projects, students learn how to deal with anger and how to work with others to arrive at win-win solutions. Schools with mediation programs use students as mediators so they can learn from experience how conflicts can be resolved peacefully.

Children who learn problem-solving skills or conflict resolution are less impulsive and aggressive and tend to be more understand and patient. Conflict resolution is almost like problem-solving strategies.

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Students who are prime candidates for conflict resolution groups are a product of poverty, gangs, learning disabilities, or even those who are prone to watching violent television programs, movies and video games.

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