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Harry Lavender

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“Identity is essentially about the search to define oneself or one’s community and the struggle to maintain this…”

In order to fully understand ones identity, we must first define one’s community and the struggle to maintain this. Everyone at some point in their life struggles with who they are and where they belong within a community. We all want to fit in to a community and we all struggle to maintain our place.

In “The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender” by Marele Day we follow Claudia, Robbie, Steve, Harry and various other characters struggle to maintain their identity. We follow them and witness the steps that each character takes to maintain their identity and in “ I stopped dieting and started loving my body” Fonda tells the story of how most of her life was spend trying to maintain a false identity and the steps she took to correct herself.

Sydney, at a glance is beautiful and innocent but it is built on corruption and crime. The characters in “The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender” represent both the good and the bad side of Sydney.

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Claudia Valentine is a feisty and witty Australian private eye. She lives on top of a bar in a rather seedy area of Sydney and practices karate. She has unresolved issues in her personal life which includes divorce and two children, and is searching for her father who was once a respected journalist and is now a vagrant, having fallen foul of Lavender earlier on. She appears to be tough on the outside. An example of this is when her car is bugged and she is attacked. She continued on with her investigation like it didn’t even faze her. But the issues surrounding her past eat at her on the inside. As the novel progresses we witness the actions of Claudia as she tries to maintain her community identity as a tough Australia private investigator.

For example when Claudia…

Harry Lavender is the key player in organized or mob crime within Sydney. He represents the bad side of Sydney. He controls people through technology rather than through drugs like most traditional mobs. He has connections with people all over Sydney including police officers. He uses people like Ronnie O’toole to do all his dirty work. But Harry isn’t all tough. He has a terminal illness. Cancer. He struggles to maintain his tough guy identity because he now realizes that he is not indestructible. An example of how Lavender struggles to maintain his community identity is how he tries to wipe out Claudia because she is going to destroy his crime organization, but at the same time he likes to string her along, making sure that she knows who is boss.

Sally Villios, who was Mark’s girlfriend, comes across as being innocent and sweet, but as Claudia’s investigation continues we begin to see the real side of Sally. We soon discover that Sally is the daughter of the biggest crime lord in Sydney, Harry Lavender and like her father, she is a manipulator. When Sally finds out she is the daughter of Harry it doesn’t take her long, before she feels that she must change her identity and consequently she too turns bad like her father. Her opinion of Claudia rapidly changes and Sally sees her as a threat and tries to murder her.

In the article “I stopped dieting and started loving my body” Fonda talks about how she use to struggle with her identity and who she was. She has always been over weight and had issues coming to terms with this. Through out her life she has tried to maintain a false identity. She has tried to be someone she isn’t but starving herself constantly, but as she grew older she realized she should love her body. Now Fonda is true to herself and she maintains a true and real identity. An identity where she is big, but still beautiful.

To first find and understand ones identity is truly difficult but once we have found our place within a community it is just as hard to maintain our identity.

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