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systems flow

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.1.6 Maintain System

a. The purpose of Maintain System form is to allow users, administration and staff to keep an updated supplier table. This form will enable administration to edit, save, and print supplier details when required.

b. Adrian Ramp, who was interviewed, referenced the Maintain supplier form to also provide information about the last order transaction for the supplier by displaying fields like order no, order line no, product no and retailer id.

c. In the Maintain System form as per the current scope of the project of having only one supplier, there is only an option of editing that supplier’s detail. Ideally with a broader scope this would be enhanced to accommodate addition of more than one supplier and also deletion of their details.

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d. State Transition Diagram

e. Level 1 dataflow

f. Hierarchy

g. Show and describe the layout of the opening screens

View (On Form Load)

• Display form, controls and flex grid that lists details for the last order no, order line no, product no, and the retailer id.

• Open the record set to be used for the form

• Apply record pointer to the first record in the record set

• Determine whether there are any records in the record set

o If no records are displayed, show empty text boxes

o Else display the first record in the textboxes.

• Disable all data entry controls on the form except the Edit, Print and Return function.

• Set focus to cmdEdit

Description of the System Maintain Form functions

.1.6.1 Edit Function

a. The purpose of the edit function is to enable the existing supplier details to be changed in the PCS Sales System.

b. The reason why the edit function is triggered is to enable the updates of the supplier details to take place and also to be maintained. Using the edit function users, administration and the store persons will be able to change existing supplier details.

c. This function can be activated simply by clicking on the Edit command button.

d. The changes, which take place when the Edit function is triggered is for the heading to change to “Edit Supplier Details” and for the data entry controls to be enabled for modification. When the data is entered into the data entry controls validation checks will take place after which the user has a choice to Save or Cancel the changes. At this point, all function buttons (Edit, Print and Return) will be hidden and the Save and Cancel buttons will be displayed.

Add (cmdEdit_Click)

• Change caption on the heading to Edit Supplier Details

• Hide flex grid and the details of the last product no, order no, order line no, and retailer id.

• Display Save and Cancel buttons

• Hide command buttons (e.g. Edit, Print, Return)

• Set focus for the first data entry control in the text box.

• Wait for data to be entered into the controls

Save (cmdSave_Click)

• Validate the last control (cmdPhone no)

• Validate any empty data controls which are required

• Confirm the Save operation with a message box

o Update the System table in the database

• View controls and function buttons

• Hide Save and Cancel buttons

• Disable data entry controls

• Display the function buttons Edit, Print and Return

• Set focus back to the Edit function button

Print (cmdPrint_Click)

• Hide the Function command buttons (Eg. Edit, Print and Return)

• Disable data entry controls

o Print

o Or View, remembering to

 View controls and function buttons

.1.5.4 Return Function

a. The purpose of the Return function is to allow users to easily get out of the Maintain System screen, either when they have finished with their modifications or in the case when they may have accidentally entered the screen.

b. The reason why the Return function is triggered is because it allows the form to be closed and returns back to the Main Menu, when the Maintain System modifications are complete.

c. This function is simply used by clicking on the Return command button.

d. The planned changes to occur when the Return button is clicked is for maintain system form to close and return to the Main menu.

Return (cmdReturn_Click)

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