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Most people might have felt revengeful anger at least once in their lifetime, and some of them realize it to action, because they can not control their momentary anger, or they expect satisfaction and completion. But guilty and nothingness always follow the result of their actions, especially if it is criminal. Moreover, unrelated people could be involved and destroyed in other people¡¯s revenge, and it bears another anger and revenge. For example, the president Bush and other Americans might feel sorry for uncountable people who were innocent and killed in the war which was revenge of the .11 terror, even though the war was necessary for solving national political problem, keeping peace through replacement of axis of evil, and prevention for Iraqi terrorists¡¯ retaliation to America. However, in the tragic play Hamlet, written by William Shakespear, Hamlet who is son of King Hamlet kills his uncle Cladius who has murdered King Hamlet to take the seat of king. Hamlet¡¯s revenge toward Cladius could be shown as Justice, but in the other hand, it is also a crime. Hamlet¡¯s revenge can not be justified, because all of his actions are illegal and immoral.

First, Hamlet commits crime. He kills Cladius who is foe, uncle, father or the king to him. That¡¯s a murder and crime, and it cannot be excepted by any reason, because same cases would happen if it is not cared by low. He also kills Polonius, because Polonius is just overhearing him and the Queen who is Hamlet¡¯s mother. He knows sadness about losing someone, but he kills someone who could be a father like King Hamlet was his father without any hesitation or regret. It shows how selfish and immoral he is, and he is not different with Cladius at all. (quotation)

However, Hamlet feels so sad about Polonius¡¯ daughter¡¯s death. But it could be Hamlet¡¯s indirect murder, because he charges her huge sadness, shock, and sorrow. Plus, Polonius¡¯ daughter would have another revengeful mind or plan toward Hamlet, and might bring another meaningless death if she was not dead. Hamlet¡¯s stupid action consequently killed two innocent people. (quotation)

Hamlet sees and feels uselessness, sadness, guiltiness and meaninglessness of a murder in the view of third person, moreover, he can forecast resultant of his plan. But he keeps going the project. Moreover, he avoids punishment, because he acts like a mad man, and it is fraud. It shows he is not repenting for his murders by heart but only by tongue. Thus, Hamlet is actually a kind of evil who is just desiring Cladius¡¯ death different with he is being represented like a hero in the play.

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Second, Hamlet¡¯s action is realistically and morally bad. First of all, he doesn¡¯t have any certain evidence about Cladius¡¯ assassination. Although, Cladius¡¯ assassination is necessary and the most important source for progress of the play, Hamlet must have made it sure. If this case of murder by confident belief is justified or shown as a hero in real world, society will be fallen into deep confusion and disarrangement. However, Hamlet decides to kill Cladius after the conversation with soul of King Hamlet and he sees nervous actions of Claudius during the play which is about his assassination, but that does not make any sense. (quotation)

Besides, Hamlet intentionally and indirectly kills two servants of Cladius who were innocent and also his fellows by fixing the letter from Cladius to English Queen badly. Although he gets angry from Cladius¡¯s plot what is about to kill him, he doesn¡¯t have to kill them. (quotation) Therefore, it represents that Hamlet has no sympathy for other¡¯s lives. Therefore, he has no right to swear Cladius ethically.

Third, the conclusion of the play Hamlet expresses the absurd of Hamlet¡¯s revenge. Finally Polonius¡¯ son decides to assassinate Hamlet with Cladius. He is going to kill him during fencing game with put some poison on the sward. (quotation) Finally the sward of revengeful Polonius¡¯ son gets Hamlet down. It could look like Hamlet¡¯s tragic death, but there is no different between Hamlet¡¯s and Cladius¡¯ deaths. Hamlet is a foe of Polonius¡¯ son like Cladius is to him. If Hamlet¡¯s revenge was justice, or at least the process of retaliation was ethical, there would be no reason for the assassination. Plus, the important point is that the resultants of the two revenges were regretful and sorrowful. (quotaion) However, Norway¡¯s princess gets control over Denmark. How meaningless end of Hamlet¡¯s life is. Consequently, he just ruins the great accomplishment of his father, King Hamlet through the stupid revenge. (quotation) Hamlet needed to relax himself, and he¡¯d batter try to discover and notify the truth of King Hamlet¡¯s death than follow his retaliatory heart. Plus, he shouldn¡¯t ignore the lessons from committing crimes.

In conclusion, Hamlet¡¯s retaliation is meaningless, guilt, and regretful. He needed to control himself, and view the actual world realistically. If He did so, he could foresee the resultants of his revenge, and protect many people and even himself from death. In Japanese animation the Roaming Kenshin, a police officer says ¡®Revenge is forbidden by law¡¯. It explains that with any reason, crime is crime, and revenge is so possible to create another tragedy. Thus, Hamlet¡¯s ¡®eye for eye, tooth for tooth¡¯ way is not a good way, and his contradictive death explains it very well. Also in this world, sometimes people have revenge because of losing of self-control or not thinking about future. Moreover, they destroy other unrelated people through their revenge, because people are living in a community. Therefore, revenge cannot be justified no matter what is the reason. Thus, if people always be aware of that revenge bears revenge, and think about after and others, they could increase unhappy accident of life wisely.

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