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A little girl in red

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A story of a Little Girl in Red

Long time ago, somewhere in the world there was a beautiful little girl, who loved the color of red. Every Sunday she brought a basket of food to her grandmother, who lived on the other side of the woods. She was a very nice old lady and the little girl in red could listen and talk to her for hours. The only way to get to the grandmother’s house was through an unpleasant and dense forest. However, the little girl in red belonged to the people who could not get scared so easily.

Sunday A usual day of the week… but this time she had strange feelings. She was worried about her grandmother. The little girl in red put on her bright red cape and went directly to her house. The day was turning into a night, and the girl was almost there…Suddenly she heard a scream. A fear paralyzed her body. It took her a while to pull herself together and then she ran into the house like a thunderstorm. When she realized her grandmother was not in danger she was very ashamed of her foolish behavior. She couldn’t believer her eyes either. Her grandmother was sitting and playing poker with a wolf. Both of them were laughing and joking like the best friends. The little girl in red didn’t know how to react and it took her over half an hour to adjust to

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the new situation. She was becoming really bored and decided to join them. They started a new game. Minutes and hours were passing very fast and the time to leave has come. It was getting dark and the girl had to go back home, because her mother might be worrying about her. The wolf turned out to be very kind and suggested that he could walk her home if she doesn’t want to walk alone at night. His proposition made the grandmother very happy because she knew that her nice would be safer with him. It started to rain in the middle of their way. A thunderstorm caught them in the center of the woods. The little girl and the wolf decided to hide under a tree and wait until the thunderstorm is over. But no one could predict the terrible tragedy that would happen. A sudden flash of lightning stroke into the tree killing both of them. Unfortunately they didn’t survive this lightning stroke and they died holding their hand together, and their souls went straight to heaven.

The moral of this story is It is not a good idea to hide under a tree, because it

might be the worst and last choice of your life…

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