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breaking barriers

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Just Play It By Ear

Wow Sosyal! Pupunta kayong Moomba?!

This was a reaction I got from a friend when he learned that I’ll go this restaurant. With his reaction I got excited. I thought to myself, It’s my time to social climb again.J Everything was heightened. I got excited. I became curious. I looked forward to September 11, the set date for our trip to the restaurant.

The Restaurant

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Situated at the more peaceful side of Quezon City is Moomba Bar and Restaurant. Moomba is of Ambroginese origin which means let’s partyt. The place where the restaurant is very strategic. Sometimes people tend to escape the humdrums of everyday by going to a place which would transport them into another dimension. Its location could help their customers in their escape. Since, when you’re inside the restaurant you’ll have the feeling that the only place in the location is that restaurant. The place provides that solemn, calm and soothing feel.

The place boasts of an extraordinary interiors which combines Mediterranean and ethnic designs. According to their staff, It was designed like that to create a cozy feeling among the customers. Imagine, the restaurant has a hanging bridge of that sort inside. Impressive. The interiors had its shock factor for its customers. When I entered the restaurant, I was overwhelmed with everything I saw. But coming to think of it, they (the owners) overdid it. I became uneasy with the set-up since I am the type of person who prefer open and large spaces. I felt I was suffocated with everything that I am seeing. I went there with only few people inside. How much more on a busy day? I think I’ll die inside that restaurant. It was a good try to fuse these various elements, but the owners should have been sensitive that It became too crowded, not with people but with pieces of furniture. I can’t help but to ask myself, Did I go here to eat or to view all of these? It seems that I’ve entered a museum than a restaurant.

The ambiance of the restaurant is relaxed, at least from where we were seated, because we sat on foamed pieces of furniture. Sosyal naman talaga yung feel sa restaurant na ‘yun. A regular customer said. One more thing, At least, Sa Moomba, talagang sosyal lang din ang makakapasok. This elitist customer excalimed.

Reasonable for whom?

The staff admitted that their crowd is on the higher bracket, which means It’s not the restaurant for me. (on special occasions, pwede naman!) Yeah. They said that their prices were affordable and reasonable. Maybe, They just forgot that we are still students. It was costly for us. Comparing their prices to restaurants of their calibre, maybe their prices are cheaper and more reasonable.

Their menu, yeah, boasts of delicacies which are uniquely theirs like the ostrich dishes, but there was nothing exceptional with the food they served. Though, It was all good, but nothing was exceptional. The mixed meat kebab, which cost P0+, was tender and delectable but Moomba is not the only restaurant who serves tender and tender Kebabs, there is Spargo. The pizza, which cost around P00-00+, was tasty since they said the crust was home-made. The crust actually saved that pizza because according to my taste buds It tasted like a greenwich pizza. The ostrich was exotic for me, but It didn’t make a lasting impression on me. Maybe, It’s because of the tomato sauce. I am really not fond of delicacies with tomato sauce.

I must admit maybe I had my expectations too high for this restaurant which made me extra critical about everything which concerns them. Akala ko kasi life-changing dapat ang ma-experience ko doon e. But, all in all, If One wants to have a good time, you can check out Moomba. The next time I’ll visit Moomba, I’ll go there to have a good time and not to be critical. By then, I suppose I can write a better and more substantial review of the place.

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