Thursday, March 15, 2012

disadvantages of cloning

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Dolly the cloned sheep is big business. New cloning partnership between Rosslin Institute (Scotland) and Geron Corporation (California). Rosslin cloned Dolly, Geron Corporation perfected stem cell development, using embryo cells to create cloned human tissues for adults. Geron paid $5. million in stock for Rosslin Bio-Med to create Geron Bio-Med. Deal set to make some at Rosslin Institute very wealthy. Observer May 1

UK doctor proposes human cloning by embryo splitting to create identical cloned twins, one clone to be frozen as backup in case first child dies. Human cloning technology proven by Dr Jerry Hall in Washington DC 1, different from cloning by nuclear transfer using an adult cell. Paul Rainsbury, consultant gynaecologist at Bupa Roding Hospital Essex says he would consider recreating a dead child from a froze clone to ease parental grief. Times of India 0/4/

Human cloning may produce serious gene mutations French researchers in Lancet report cow cloned from ear cells had lethal blood and heart defects. Right chamber of clones heart abnormal and red and white blood cell numbers fell after birth. clone death from severe anaemia at 51 days. Times 0 April 1

Cows cloned from mothers milk - human clones could be made from almost any source including saliva, milk and blood implying human cloning without knowledge or consent will be possible. Daily Telegraph (Australia) 8 April 1

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Three goats cloned by Nexia Biotechnologies Canada - next step to use cloning to create goat that secretes spider silk gene in milk, commercial extraction to make BioSteel - strongest, toughest fibre in the world, tensile strength 00,000 pounds per square inch. Stronger and lighter than steel or polymers, uses could be artificial tendons or ligaments and other biodegradable structures in medicine. First cloned goats with new gene will then be breed conventionally. Reuters 8 April 1New legislation proposed in South Korea to ban human cloning. South Korea Times 8 April 1

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