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Q6. Explain how different surfaces effect the reflection of light and sound.

„h Sound energy hard surfaces reflect the most sound. Softer materials absorb much of the sound and change it into heat (although the temperature rise is too small to be detected by our senses).

„h Light energy shiny surfaces reflect light more effectively than matte (dull) surfaces which tend to scatter in all directions. Light-coloured surfaces reflect most of the light whilst dark-coloured surfaces absorb it and convert it to heat energy.

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Q7. Describe the energy changes associated wit the swing of a pendulum.

„h The amount of energy of motion possessed by the pendulum clearly varies.

„h In the middle of its swing, however the pendulum bob is higher above the ground than in the middle of its swing, so it has more energy of position (potential energy).

„h During the motion of the pendulum, therefore, its energy is constantly changing from energy of motion to energy of position and back again.

Q8. Explain how to investigate the factors that effect the swing of a pendulum.

„h There are 5 steps to an investigation

1. Observing make observations and write description on worksheet

. Playing

. Questioning E.g. what can you measure in your pendulum? Could any of the variables be varied?

4. Recording record evidence, write down what you have found out.

5. Asking ¡¥so what does this tell us?¡¦ what have you found out? Record what you have discovered.

Q. If a child is not continually pushed on a moving swing the swing will eventually stop. Explain what happened to the energy.

„h Each time the swing moves backwards and forwards the force of the energy becomes less, eventually stopping transferring into potential energy. Energy does not disappear it just transfers into another form, also dissipating into the molecules in the air around the swing.

Q10.What does the law of conservation of energy mean?

„h The principle that the total energy of the universe, or of any closed system, remains constant, although it can be changed from one form into another.

„h Energy can neither be created nor destroyed in all such ordinary reactions (W. Norton Jones, Jnr.)

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