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Fish of Cloudstreet

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Fish Lamb is the seemingly retarded but yet whose soul is the poetic, all- knowing narrator of the story.

Before this accident Samsonfish/ Fish was well- known all over town as a ‘lovable, bright cheeky, witty and handsome boy’. Anyone would forgive him for any mischief he caused. Everyone loved Fish.

Fish Lamb’s soul becomes separated from his body whilst in a boating accident. Fish Lamb’s body and spirit had succumbed to death when Oriel resurrected Fish to his body and he remains hopeless and childlike on earth.

His soul guides Fish on his role of bringing the two families in Cloudstreet together. Despite his disability, Fish is the most connected to spiritual aspects of human existence, as evidenced through his capacity of communicating with the spirits of the dead of the house. He is also connected to the natural world; his talking to the pig; and his connection and fascination with ‘the beautiful; the beautiful; the river’. () Because Fish is between life and death he is always outside the mundane concerns of ordinary people, yet in touch with the life force � he is able to give a clearer perspective of his family and he is also in touch with death, for he is able to communicate with the spirits of the house.

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‘This house hurts’ Fish is able to sense all the hurt and hatred between the aboriginal girls and the whites (5) He is also able to sense the girl who committed suicide in the library so many years ago.

Fish’s fascination with the water is shown many times throughout the novel. Fish continually attempts to return to the water where he can then return to his soul and ‘become a man’ but Oriel Lamb continually keeps him out of the water. Partly because of this and partly because Oriel is responsible for his living death, Fish is unable to acknowledge her presence. However, in page 7 a part of him does acknowledge her presence � ‘ Oriel, keep strong, mom, keep the steel, you’ll see. Oh how I missed you all my life. You’ll see its best this way. Wait’ Fish shows that he is forced to withdraw from her in order to give her space so she can discover her own identity, where she belongs and what she believes.

Fish is extremely close to Quick and calls him home when Quick heads off to spend time in the bush. He is able to sense Quick’s guilt pain and unhappiness (pg ) but unable to do much about it. Fish also senses Rose’s pain ‘You happy? (Quick)… I get happy sometimes. Not you (Fish)’ Shows Fish ability to read his brother. (06)

Fish attempts to show Quick his spiritual world through bringing his flying to Quick (fish dreams about flying several times through the book) (114) Fish has an attachment to simple minded things like the pig.

On some level, Fish is the catalyst for the families to be together. ‘Quick looked at Fish who was smiling fit to sin’ (07) when Rose appears

When the two families are joined together primarily through Quick and Rose’s wedding as well as their child, Fish’s spirit begins to call him again (40) After Quick and Rose’s decision to stay together with the Pickles and Lambs, Quick decides to leave and joins with his spirit/ soul. The tranquil sight of ‘Fish Lamb is sleeping’ after Rose and Quick’s marriage show that Fish has expected this to happen.

Although his appearance is not viewed by others as beautiful (e.g. Oriel dressing him like an idiot and Quick’s notice of his flab and helplessness) while Fish contrasts his family through narrating a beautiful harmonious family scene in the prologue and other parts. This shows Fish’s ability to view the world in a beautiful way, while his family is seeing it as pessimistic way.

When Fish death comes finally, we see it as a release, not a tragic suicide, - he is able to become one and whole, joined with his soul with contentment that his family are happy together. His so-called mission of keeping the family together is finished. When the families of Cloudstreet have struck a harmony, notable achieved through Quick and Rose and the birth of their son, Fish can let go and find himself. In Fish Winton implies that death is a part of life 0 mysterious, even frightening, but ultimately resolved in the joys of the living, which have the power to cancel out the darkness.

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