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world, would have been seen as a man of no merit because he didnt claim it (glory).

Parsons does not include any politicians in his pantheon because he believes Australians, rightly or wrongly, distrust their leaders. Only one might occupy a small space - John Curtin, the former PM who suffered from alcoholism, who led Australia through World War II only to die before it ended.

Judge says Australias distrust of politicians also stemmed from the nations dislike of grandeur.

There is latent resentment still in this century against Menzies, who was objectively Australias greatest leader. What was offensive was this grandeur that he conveyed, Judge said.

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Whitlam, in his own way, makes the same mistake ...although he was partly made a victim (through the dismissal) and he laughs at himself a bit.

Also absent from Parsons pantheon are artists, novelists, poets or educators, because Australia is an anti-intellectual society which distrusts what it thinks may be elitism.

There are no women. If there is a small place for them, it would probably be because of the link to their husbands, or because they excel in a masculine society. There are also no Aboriginal people.

And so how did Bradman and Phar Lap make it?

The horse is powerful, it is transport, it is sport, Parsons says.

Nations cannot always celebrate failure and given some of Australias failures we probably do not need any more heroes of this sort, Parsons said, explaining the Bradman phenomenon.

Better to turn to a horse and a man, both honest and honourable, both simple and (on the surface at least) uncomplicated and both excelling in what they did.

The theme for the 00/04 White Pages directory covers is ‘Celebrating the Australian

Spirit’, reflecting the role of the White Pages directory in ‘bringing people together’. This

year the covers recognise and celebrate what makes the Australian spirit unique through

`the efforts of people working together to care for and help others in the community.

“The Australian spirit is a term that grew from the ANZAC tradition and now helps to define

our unique strength of character and pride that’s reflected through the courageous and

selfless acts of Australians working ‘behind the scenes’ every day.

they know, famous or not, who achieves and contributes, someone who inspires them and makes them proud to be Australian.

Australian Values are an integral part of our national spirit. They highlight our thoughts and feelings on reflection and celebration, achievement and excellence, unity and togetherness, acceptance of difference, tolerance, pride, fun and citizenship to name a few. What does it mean to be Australian? Have our values changed over the years?

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