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The great migration started in the mid 1600’s. England was a dominant place from which these people would come from. England unlike other countries was having major problems in almost every part a country could. From social, religious, political, and economic standpoint England was in trouble. The people of England needed and wanted a better life, like all people do. So the solution was to migrate to new hopes and new dreams. These dreams and hopes could be achieved by taking the journey to the new world, and for most, that is exactly what they did.

One of the main reasons of colonization to North America was religion. In England around the 150’s the chosen religion was Roman Catholic. Then in the 150’s the King asked for another divorce and in the Roman Catholic Church divorces were seldom granted, and his divorce request was denied. The king not liking the churches decision decided to take matters into his own hands and break away from the Roman Catholic Church and make a new religion, the Church of England, which meant every body, had to start going to the Church of England because it was England’s Church. The Puritans didn’t like that idea to much. They felt that only “visible saints” (Persons who felt the stirring of grace in their souls and could demonstrate its presence to their fellow Puritans.) should be allowed or granted expectance into the Church of England. They also didn’t like the idea of sharing seats or sitting next to the unworthy or the “damned” during church. The King of England didn’t care too greatly, he got his divorce granted since he was the head of the church and that was all he was after, he finished his objective. Seething with anger a small group of Puritans known as Separatists decided to leave the Church of England due to the injustice, and impurities that the Church of England had brought upon the religion.

Then in 160 when King James I became the head of the church and the state. King James started to notice this separation or defiance of the church and felt that if his people could defy him on a spiritual level they could also do it on a political level as well. Therefore he decided to take immediate action and drive the separatists out of England. Then in 160-164 about seventy thousand refugees left England, not all of those refugees were puritans, and only about twenty thousand of them settled in Massachusetts. While the other fifty thousand settled in the West Indies and the Caribbean Islands. With the settlement in Massachusetts known as the Bay Colony Bible Commonwealth, came a very profitable and successful colony. The colonists had a shared sense of purpose, their idea was to become the “city upon a hill” (or a heavenly city), and they believed that they had a covenant with god, a pact to build a religious society to serve as a guide or a blueprint for man kind.

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Life was extremely harsh for the people of England in the 1600’s. Poverty and unemployment ravaged every corner of the country. Jobs were scarce and money was even harder to come by. People were just looking for a way out of the hell hole that was consuming them. Then came a way out, of the miserable lives these people were living. A new idea was sparked in these people’s minds. Why not go to the new world and make it big in the agricultural business. Thousands of male men traveled to the new world as indentured servants (men or women who became slaves for a certain amount of time to gain passage to the new world) in hopes of becoming wealthy land owners or successful men of the new world. A new system was put upon the indentured servants and their new masters, called the Head right system. This system was a very profitable business move for all parties concern. The Head right system gave fifty acres of land for every head that went to the new world to the master or person who was paying for the voyage. This gave a little more incentive for people to help colonize the new world.

Another reason why people wanted to come to the new world was a fresh start in a new land. This gave most people an equal platform to start from. In the new world there were no titles. Blood or family names didn’t matter in the new world. People were judged by themselves. There was no hierarchy, it was you and you alone that judged yourself and your worth. In England it was not like that, you were judged by your social status and by whom your family was or who’s blood you have running through your veins. The only way people could move up in the social ladder was to marry some one who was in the right circles or had the right name. So it was a perfect opportunity for many to come to the new world, to start a new.

Though thousands of people raced for new opportunity in the new world very few actually found it. About thirty percent of the indentured servants died before finishing their term, and even the servants that did finish their term still struggled, but then there were those few that battled the odds and came out on top, almost like a Cinderella story. Due to social, economic, religious, and political strives and troubles in England led to the great migration to the new world.

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