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Romeo and Juliet

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Notes Study Guide

Plot Synopsis

Setting Verona, Italy

Theme Falling in Love

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A. Montagues Family

B. Capulet Family (old capulet)

C. Romeo Montagues

D. Juliet Capulet

E. Tybalt cousin of Juliet

F. Rosaline (Romeo in love with her)

G. Prince / orders all fights between the Montagues family and Capulet family to cease under penalty of death

Conflict (problem facing main character(s)

A. Juliet falls in love with her energy Romeo (her only love has sprung from her only hate)

B. Romeo falls in love with his enemy Juliet

C. Tybalt, Juliets’ cousin, recognizes Romeo and wants to fight him

D. Old Capulet for kids Tybalt to do any harm to a guest

E. Tybalt bows to settle the score lative

Plot (Bare outline of the story/ sequence of related events)

A. Romeo steps away from his friends

I. Lingers in Capulets garden under Juliet’s window

II. Over hears her confess to the stars that she loves him

B. Romeo reveals his presents to Juliet/ they kiss and resolve to be secretly married

1. Next pay Juliet sends her nurse (confident) to make final arrangements

. Wedding is performed at the sale of Frian Lawrence (Romeo’s Friend) / who hopes by this alliance to turn their “households” rancor to pure love

C. Romeo returning from his wedding comes upon his friends then Benvoles

and Mercuteo fighting with Tybalt who has been searching for him

1. Tybalt tries to pick a fight with Romeo do to marriage as now a kinsman to Tybalt/ refuses to fight and ignores Tybalt insults

. Mercutio not understanding Romeo’s new attitude fights Tybalt himself and is slain

. Angered by the death of his best friend, Romeo slays Tybalt and flees

D. The prince banishes Romeo who despair has taken refuge in Friar Lawrence cell

1. Romeo receives a ring from grief stricken Juliet with a message to see her that night

. Romeo climbs to Juliets chamber they make love, at dawn he flees to Mantua

. Juliet parents unaware to Juliet marriage to Romeo insist that she marriage Harris an kinsman of the prince

E. On despair Juliet consults Friar Lawrence, who advises to pretend to agree to the marriage to Paris

1. Friar Lawrence gives Juliet a sleeping potion which will cause her to appear dead

. Juliet will be layed out in the Capulets burial vault instead of marring Paris

. The plan is lip the time Juliet wakes Romeo would be there to take her away to Mantua

F. By accident the Friar’s letter does not reach Romeo

1.Romeo hears of Juliet’s death from another source

. In despair Romeo procures a deadly sleeping potion from an apotnary and returns to Verona

4. As Romeo opens the Capulet tome/ interrupted by Paris / they fight and Romeo kills him

5. At Juliet side Romeo drinks the poison and dies

6. The Friar arrives to release Juliet she awakens and discover Romeo’s body

7. She kills her self with his dagger

8. At the tomb over these sacrifices to their enmity, Montague and Capulet claps hands and are at last reconciled


1. Drama is a form of storytelling meant to be performed by actors on a stage

. In the Western world, the kinds of drama we see today began in ancient Greece

. Then and now, playwrights writers of plays tell their stories completely through the words and actions of characters

4. Plays are often grouped as either tragedies or comedies according to the

About Drama

5. Drama is a special fame of literature meant to be performed as well as read

6. The drama comes from the Greek world drain, meaning to do, or to act

7. The ancient Greek were the first people in the Western world to see the form for the activity that we call drama

8. Plays are written to tell a story when a play is performed the story is told completely through the words called dialogue and actions of characters

. Characters in a play are very similar to the character in short stories, fables, legends, and tall tales- The play’s main character is called the protagonist/ There is also an antagonist who tries to make things difficult for the protagonist

10. As in all literature, characters in a play can be flat or round, unchanging or changing

11. Playwrights or writers of plays cannot present characters thoughts as can writers of fiction/ They let characters speak for themselves or be revealed through the words of other characters

1. They have to let the characters speak for themselves or revealed through the words of other characters

1. A tragedy is a series play that ends unhappy with suffering or death of the main character

14. Comedies on the other hand have happy endings to amuse people (comedies of ancient Greece protagonist today comedies expected to make you laugh)

15. The action of a play is divided into acts and scenes( can get is major unit of action acts are divided into smaller unit called scene- each scene takes place in one setting only)

16. Divisions into acts and scenes gives a play an order of events and allow settings to changes In Shakespeare time the five act play was standards

17. Today’s play tend to be in three acts many plays have only one act

18. Another form of drama plays written for television film and video Like all plays, dramas written for, these media can be comedies

1. The Main difference between plays and other forms of storytelling is that plays are meant to be performed

0. About the Author William Shakespeare poet and dramatist is perhaps yhe best known playwrights in the history of western drama

1. Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stanford upon Avon, England

A. Son of a business man

B. Probably attended local schools- Read the classic plays of ancient Greece and Rome

C. Married Anne Hathaway in 158 had children

D. Became a actor and playwrights for the lord chamber men a group that performed in Global Theatre (154)

E. Retire from the theatre and London around 1611

F. Returning to Stanford were he died in 1516

. Shakespeare wrote tragedies comedies and history plays

. Shakespeare’s work is divided into three periods � Romeo and Juliet is the last play in Shakespeare’s first period � probably first performed in 154

4. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy meaning a play that ends with the Suffering of death of one on more of the main characters

5. “Star cross lovers”- This means that fate, or chance is against them

6. Friar Lawrence has given his letter for Romeo to a messenger unfortunately the messenger is delay and Balthasar Romeo’s Servant gets to Romeo in Mantua first Balthasar doesn’t know about the plan and tell Romeo’s that Juliet’s dead

7. Shakespeare’s play are felt with both dramatic irony and foreshadowing


8. Act- a major unit of action play

. Climax- The high permit of interest or suspense in a story or play

0. Drama- a story told through the words and actions of characters written to be performed as well as read

1. Dramatic irony- when the audience or reader knows more than the characters know

. Foreshadowing- clues or hints that a it gives about some thing that has not happened yet

. Playwrights- a writer of plays

4. Tragedy- a play that ends with the suffering or death of one or more of the main characters

Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Act V

The Montague Family

A. Romeo

B. Lord Montague- Romeo’s father

C. Lady Montague, Romeo’s mother

D. Mercutio- Romeo’s friend and a relative of the prince in Verona

E.Benvolio- Romeo’s first cousin

F.Balthasar- Romeo’s servant

Capulet’s Family


B. Lord capulet-Juliet’s father

C. Lady capulet- Juliet mother

D. Tybalt- Juliet’s 1st cousin

E. Paris- chosen by Juliet’s parent to marry her and a relative of the prince

of Verona

F.Juliet’s- nurse

Other Characters

A. prince of Verona

B. Friar Lawrence

C. Friar John

D. The apothecary

E. Paris’s page (servant)

F. Chief watchman

G. Second watchman

H. Third watchman


5. Conflict- the struggle of the protagonists against himself or her self another person or nature

6. Dialogue- the conversation between characters in a play

7. Realistic drama- plays that tell the stories of ordinary people in a life like manner

8. Scene- a unit of action in a play that takes place in one setting

. Stage directions- rates by playwrights such things as settings lighting sound effects and how the actors are to look we have more and speak

40. Beseech- to beg

41. Kindred- relatives

4. Remnant- a trace

4. Wretch- a miserable creature

44. Boathsome

45. Aloof- apart

46. Provoke- to cause someone to take action

47. Unsavory- unpleasant; bad tasting

48. Discern- to recognize; to make out

4. Thwart-to reach to top

50. Sheath-a cover of a case

51. Purge-to free from blame

5. Tedious-tiring-boring

5. Entral-to beg

54. Betroth-to promise in marriage

55. Dire-severe-terrible

56. Siege-a battle

57. Ducats-gold coins

58. Privy-secretly aware

5. Star-crossed-ill destined

60. Chinks-money

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