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In America today one of the pre-eminent adjectives describing families is dysfunctional. Your family is somehow out of a normative grouping if in fact they are “functional”. That ideology is one of the issues emphasized in Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums. I suppose I need to ask about the incorporation of humor into such an investigation, particularly in regards to how campy or over-the-top some of the characterizations become. But aside from that, or rather hidden somewhere underneath all of that is a poignancy and a sense of salvation or redemption that is oftentimes never realized on Maury or Rikki or Jerry. I guess my question is or questions are how are we supposed to take or juxtapose any single aspect of family emphasized in the film with our own pre-conceived notions of family, or rationalize the togetherness of any or all of these conflicting themes? Is it believable, realistic�why or why not? Pay close attention to specific characters and their interfacing with other characters.

Here are the possible paper topics I am putting forth. I like to provide a choice so that you feel you have options in choosing a subject to write about, and I have diversity in the grading of the papers. However, despite these suggestions, do not feel limited by them. If there is some other angle from which you wish to approach this unit, talk to me, and we will work something out.

1. In an age predominated by massive technological advancement coupled with estrangement of individuals in a family�due to both parents working, children’s after school activities, less nuclear families, or a plethora of other reasons�how large a role does technology play in any given family, either in positive or negative ways? And what are the ramifications of this?

. In America, a country in many respects, still living off of the power and the ideologies of the golden age of the 150’s, how important is the concept of family as it relates to or is representative of something inveterately “American”? In other words in a society where just about everything is scrutinized or used for advertising purposes, is there something still undefiled about the American concept of family? And if so at what cost will that be defended?

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. In diametric opposition to the preceding question, is dysfunction the norm for the typical American concept of family today? Are there more examples of dysfunctional than “typical” families represented in mass media today? Is it just because the dysfunctional families tend to be funnier? Is it an indictment of something deeper in our culture? Or is it because FOX really had nothing else to put on the air?

4. And lastly, how would you deconstruct and classify your own family? How do they match up to the concepts of family we have discussed this unit? Why or why not? Does it matter to you? Or would you like to forge something different in the familial fires of this country once you are old enough, or wise enough, or economically dependent enough to do so?

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