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animal farm

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“Land of the Stupid”

Americans are too trusting. Ludwig Fainberg, one of the most prominent figures in the Russian mob, said so himself. “I love this country! It’s so easy to steal here!” (qtd. in Friedman) said Fainberg of the United States. He proved this statement with his lengthy list of felonies committed, including conspiring to distribute cocaine and heroine, buying stolen property, counterfeiting, and money laundering. The United States is undoubtedly an ideal setting for the Mafiya to operate because of the carefree attitudes of Americans and the American government.

To illustrate, many people, such as myself, don’t lock their doors. Although this has nothing to do with the enormous problem with the Russian mob, it demonstrates the trusting mentality that many Americans have. I feel safe, I feel as though the majority of the people living in my small town are trustworthy people, and many Americans have this same manner of thinking. In Russia, however, Tarzan says that, “Dishonesty is a trait that is bred in the bone. We live by the eleventh commandment, don’t get caught” (qtd. in Friedman). Our government here in the United States concentrates on making our country


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the land of the free for people who emigrate here but, in all actuality, many people like Fainberg say that “America is the land of the stupid.” These criminals are going to take advantage of our trust; not everyone is as honest as we hope. When Fainberg came to America in the middle of the Cold War, however, Russia was unable to provide adequate criminal background information to U.S. immigration officials; therefore, they could not easily distinguish between the honest and the dishonest. Despite his criminal past, Fainberg had no problem entering the United States, where he was seen as a virtuous person because in America, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Fainberg however, was not an honest person; he immediately resumed his career in crime.

Our policies here in the United States are too lenient and forgiving towards immigrants. Those who are not used to having freedom and rights may abuse them, and because of that, there is some truth to Ludwig Fainberg’s statement, “I love this country! It’s so easy to steal here!” Fainberg and criminals like him take advantage of our friendly attitude and policies repeatedly and nothing changes. We let them. In some ways, America really is “the land of the Stupid.”

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