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Assignment - Software Design for Telephone System

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Assignment - Software Design for Telephone System

Assumptions -

· The software is designed for local calls only, it will serve the people living in that geographic area.

· This system does not support conference.

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· The subscriber will not be allowed to make any calls if his account accumulates an outstanding bill of £500 or more.

· The system will start charging once the connection is successful, and not during connecting or unsuccessful call.

· The system will disconnect from the caller if the connecting sequence has reached a timeout period of 1min.

· There are voice recorded messages that can be played to the caller when there are certain errors encountered.

This software will be running at the local exchange to manage the connections and charge the subscribers for the service. This telephone switching system consists of mainly two components, the controlling software and the electronic switching circuitry. It controls and allows two users to connect to each other, as show on the DFD below.

When the caller picks up his phone, he actually closes the circuit and connects to the local exchange telephone network. The system will detect this and lookup the Telephone Directory for the particulars for this telephone line and the respective subscriber. If the system detects that it is a valid line with subscription it will send a dial tone signal to the phone. The caller hears the dial tone will then dials the number of the callee, the system receives the signal to connect to another telephone line. It will look up the Telephone Directory again to check for any outstanding amount unpaid by the subscriber, if its £500 or more, the caller will be barred from making any calls. If not the system will look up the Telephone Directory for the particulars of the callee. For this case, since it is the caller party pays, even if the callee has chalked up a bill of £500 or more, he can still be contacted, unless his phone line is down.

If there is such a number where the caller dials, and the system has looked up the Telephone Directory checking the status of the callee. It will check if the callee is currently online, if the callee is busy, the system will send a busy tone back to the caller, signaling a call made is unsuccessful. The transaction is thus ended. If the caller wishes to redial, he will have to hook up his phone first to disconnect from the network before dialing, the system will then restart the sequence once again.

If the callee is free, the system will send a signal or a high current to ring the callee’s phone, at the same time, the system will send a ringing tone to the caller, telling him that the callee is not engaged and that he has to wait for the callee to pick up his phone

However, if the callee is unavailable; his phone line is not engaged but is not at home, the ringing signal will continue to sound for a period of 1 min or until the caller hangs up, whichever is earlier, the system will terminate the call and end the transaction.

If the callee is free and available, and once he picks up the phone, his phone too will be connected to the telephone network, the system senses this and connects the caller to the callee.

The system will activate the timer once the connection is successful, and base on the current pricing plans, the system will calculate the duration of the call and charges to the caller’s account, until either party ends the call. The system will also updates the subscriber’s account when he makes payment.

On the occasion when the phone number dialed by the caller is invalid, the system will playback a prerecorded voice messages telling him that there is no such number or that the number has been terminated.

The DFDs below will show a more detail process in each stage of a call and their process specification.

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