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Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic, which was originally known as Bohemia, is a small country in the heart of Europe that was founded in January of 1, after the division of Czechoslovakia. The two main geographic regions are the Bohemian Plateau on the west, and the Moravian lowland on the east. The population is largely Slovic, consisting mostly of Czechs (81%) and Moravians (1%). Roman Catholic is the largest religion, but there are also many Protestant groups. Czech is the official language.

Aside from the Czechs and Moravians, Silesians, Slovaks, Germans, Polish, Roms, and other nationalities can also be found in the culturally diverse country. There is evidence that the area was also once occupied by the Slavs in the 6th century A.D.

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Of the emerging democracies in central and eastern Europe, the Czech Republic has one of the most developed economies. Its industrial tradition goes back to the 1th century, when Bohemia and Moravia were the economic heartland of the Empire. Today, this heritage is both and good and bad. The Czech Republic has an educated population and a developed transportation system, but its industrial plants and a lot of its industrial equipment are old-fashioned.

The Czech Republic is losing its dependence on highly polluting brown coal as a source of energy. Nuclear energy presently provides about 5% of total power needs, and its share is projected to increase to 40%. Norway and Russia also supply the Czech Republic with liquid and natural gas.

The major industries are heavy and general machine-building, iron and steel production, metalworking, chemicals, electronics, transportation equipment, textiles, glass, brewing, china, ceramics, and pharmaceuticals. Its main agricultural products are sugarbeets, fodder roots, potatoes, wheat, and hops.

The Velvet Revolution in 18 offered a chance for economic improvement. Signs of economic recovery began to appear in the wake of the shock therapy that the International Monetary Fund named the big bang of January 11. Since then, smart economic management has led to modest budgetary deficits, low unemployment, a positive balance of payments position, a stable exchange rate, a shift of exports from communist economic alliance markets to Western Europe, and fairly low foreign debt.

The republics economic transformation is far from complete. A collapse in 18 showed that the government still faces serious challenges in completing industrial restructuring, increasing transparency in capital market transactions, fully privatizing the banking sector, transforming the housing sector, privatizing the health care system, and solving serious environmental problems. The country only recently returned to the economic and political freedom of a democratic system with two legislative branches- Deputies and the Senate.

The Czech Republic is a country of great historical and cultural importance. It is a country where historic monuments and entire towns have been included on the World Heritage List. The capitol of the Czech Republic is Prague. Prague became the capitol of the Czech Republic in 118. German forces occupied Prague during World War II, and after the Great War, a communist government came to power in the Czech Republic. Because of the communism, Prague’s traditional links to other European cities were broken off. The city was isolated and the Czech culture suffered because of the communist control.

It is said that Prague is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe. Prague is sometimes referred to as “The City of One Hundred Spires” because of all the old churches. The city is located basically in the center of Bohemia and is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic. The city dates all the way back to the ninth century. Then it was just a place where Bohemian castles were built. It was in the fourteenth century that Prague became the second largest city in Europe, behind Paris. Prague remains the greatest tourist magnet to this day.

The Vltava River divides the city into eastern and western banks. On the eastern side is the Old Town. The Old Town Hall is one of the many historic sites located in the Old Town. It is beautiful all year round, but it is most beautiful in spring. Winter is a time for people to visit the mountains. The Giant Mountains are the highest in the country. Summer is a time for hiking in the countryside or swimming in the lakes and reservoirs.

The long history of the Czech Republic can be traced back through many empires, such as the Samo’s empire, the great Moravian empire, the reign of the Premysl’s, the Luxemburg and Hasburg dynasties, the Catholic Expansion leading to the Thirty year war, the decline of the Austro-Hungarian empire up to the birth of the Czech Republic. After surviving German occupation and forty years of communist rule, the Czech Republic is now experiencing yet another stage of transition, this time to a completely restructured free-market.

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