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Early Settlements in the New World

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Early settlements in the new world were not as easy or as profitable as people had first thought. After the discovery of the new world in 1607, many people in England thought that they would be able to make great wealth by moving to the new World. Settlers found that they were problems in both Virginia and in Masseusetts Bay. Both areas had many promising features and they both had many serious challenges.

In Virginia settlers found that the resources were great, “Planters in early seventeenth-century Virginia had bountiful amounts of land and a profitable crop in tobacco”(1). In addition to this wonderful opportunity they realized quickly that labor was needed to work this land. As slavery had not yet taken root, the English decided that the best route war to use the system of indentured servants. In addition to this the natives were not subdued to assist with this labor problem, “They faced resistance from the local Indian people and were unable to enslave People would sign a contract in return for their trip to Virginia. This would last from anywhere from 4 to 7 years. The end of this time they would be free to establish their own livelihood. However, indentured servants soon found that this was a hard life. There were many hardships during the voyage and upon their arrival, “Two thirds of his fellow shipmates had died since their arrival. Those without capital suffered particularly precarious situations with the lack of supplies and loss of leaders”(1).

One such account was by Richard Frethorne, “Frethorne pleaded with his parents to redeem (buy out) his indenture”(1). In his account Frethorne expresses his situation, “by reason of this country, [which is such that it caused much sickness, [such] as the scurvy and the bloody flux and diverse other diseases, which makes the body very poor and weak]”(1). He discovered early on that life was difficult beyond bearing. He implored his parents to help him. Frethorne under went much trial and had to adjust to his present situation. He was not allowed to hunt for food, “There is indeed some fowl, but we are not allowed to go and get it, but must work hared both early and late for a mess of water gruel and a mouthful of bread and beef. A mouthful of bread for a penny loaf mush serve for fow men which is most pitiful”(1,). He suffered great fear from the local natives, should an attack occur, “and yet we are but to fight against ,000 if they should come”(). He felt that there was no true kindness there. His health had greatly declined, “But I am not half [of] a quarter so strong as I was in England”(). He asked for assistance from his parents but above all else he asked them to relieve him of his indenture, “I will send it over and beg the profit to redeem me; and if I die before it come”().

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In comparison life in Masseusetts had its own unique problems even though there were many who migrated from England. They soon found that their dreams of easy farming were not as available as first thought. Once such account is from a farmer by the last name Pond, who corresponded with his father, William Pond, in England. Pond’s regulation of the local natives is not flattering, “They are a crafty people and they will [cozen] and cheat, and they are a subtle people”(1). His discovery of the land and its ability to produce crops was better, “the country very rocky and hilly and some champion ground and the soil is very [fruitful] and here is some good ground and marsh ground”(). Pond also is forced to ask for assistance from his family due to the lack of ready supply’s, “Therefore, loving father, I would entreat you would send me a firkin of butter and a hogshead of mal unground, for we drink nothing but water, and a coarse clothe of four pound price so it be thick”(). He states how they cannot survive without shipments from home, “So here we may live if we have supplies every year from old England, otherwise we can not subsist”().

It is evident from both accounts that life was greatly depended upon support from England. Virginia’s system of indentured servants was a hard and brutal life for anyone. They lived substandard existences and could not even have enough time to hunt for food. Life in New England was equally hard, as they constantly needed supplies and live stock from England as well.

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