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Free Online Marketing Sources

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Marketing on the Internet can be free. Matter of fact there are a lot of ways to market successfully without spending one red cent ... or is that zinc?

The way we cover here is Pay Per Click search engines. These engines allow you to get listed high on the list (meaning the first page of search results) by bidding on the position you want. If the number one listing for any search, lets say you searched for online marketing paid cents for the number one position, you can bid 4 cents and become the number one listing.

Many of the newer PPC engines give you a starting balance just to try them out. That balance will generally be reduced slowly, because these engines are new and do not generate a lot of traffic, but the traffic you do get is FREE. And FREE is the bottom line when it comes to PPC marketing, and the subject of this article.

What do you say we take our hard won FREEDOM and use it to work from our homes and make ourselves some money? Are you with me? Good, then dive into this list, open accounts at each of these engines and get a ton of traffic. Theres about $1,00 in FREE traffic here. At a penny per click, which most of these engines are, that equates to 10,000 hits to YOUR WEB SITE.

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Here is my list in its entirety

a href=http//www.verygoodsearch.comhttp//www.VeryGoodSearch.com/a Free $10

a href=http//www.4portalsites.comhttp//www.4portalsites.com/a Free $10

a href=http//www.A1Max.comhttp//www.A1Max.com/a - $1.00

a href=http//www.AbstractNet.comhttp//www.AbstractNet.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.ban-x.comhttp//www.ban-x.com/a Free $5

a href=http//www.BeaconFlash.comhttp//www.BeaconFlash.com/a - $5.00

a href=http//www.BeeBuzzed.comhttp//www.BeeBuzzed.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.bluemacs.comhttp//www.bluemacs.com/a Free $5

a href=http//www.CashDream.comhttp//www.CashDream.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.Casino-Search.nethttp//www.Casino-Search.net/a - $5.00

a href=http//www.ClickSprint.comhttp//www.ClickSprint.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.cloudsearch.comhttp//www.cloudsearch.com/a Free $10

a href=http//www.corefind.comhttp//www.corefind.com/a Free $100

a href=http//www.crosslinkz.comhttp//www.crosslinkz.com/a Free $5

a href=http//www.DataMine.comhttp//www.DataMine.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.Djobinow.comhttp//www.Djobinow.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.FetchSeek.comhttp//www.FetchSeek.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.FindEngines.comhttp//www.FindEngines.com/a - $5.00

a href=http//www.Fmnl.nethttp//www.Fmnl.net/a - $5.00 (specific focus)

a href=http//www.ForParentsOnly.comhttp//www.ForParentsOnly.com/a - $5.00 (specific focus)

a href=http//www.Gamblino.comhttp//www.Gamblino.com/a - $5.00 (specific focus)

a href=http//www.GetItFido.comhttp//www.GetItFido.com/a - $5.00

a href=http//www.gosimon.comhttp//www.gosimon.com/a Free $10

a href=http//www.go40.comhttp//www.go40.com/a Free $10

a href=http//www.HeatSearch.comhttp//www.HeatSearch.com/a - $5.00

a href=http//www.HelavaSearch.comhttp//www.HelavaSearch.com/a - $.00

a href=http//www.ivewon.comhttp//www.ivewon.com/a Free $1

a href=http//www.jJump.comhttp//www.jJump.com/a - $00.00

a href=http//www.Kadoddle.comhttp//www.Kadoddle.com/a - $50.00

a href=http//www.knowz.comhttp//www.knowz.com/a Free $5.00

a href=http//www.lazyquest.comhttp//www.lazyquest.com/a Free $5

a href=http//www.linkmodules.comhttp//www.linkmodules.com/a Free $10

a href=http//www.LocateCasino.comhttp//www.LocateCasino.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.LottoHangout.comhttp//www.LottoHangout.com/a - $5.00

a href=http//www.Marketing51.comhttp//www.Marketing51.com/a - $50.00

a href=http//www.metaeureka.comhttp//www.metaeureka.com/a Free $5

a href=http//www.MiteFind.comhttp//www.MiteFind.com/a - $5.00

a href=http//www.mobysurf.comhttp//www.mobysurf.com/a Free $5

a href=http//www.moreclickthrus.comhttp//www.moreclickthrus.com/a Free $0

a href=http//www.Najula.comhttp//www.Najula.com/a - $50.00

a href=http//www.NetClicked.comhttp//www.www.NetClicked.com/a - $5.00

a href=http//www.NoozLetters.comhttp//www.NoozLetters.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.OhSpot.comhttp//www.OhSpot.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.Oozle.comhttp//www.Oozle.com/a - $5.00

a href=http//www.PreciseHit.comhttp//www.PreciseHit.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.RunQuest.comhttp//www.RunQuest.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.searchknow.comhttp//www.searchknow.com/a Free $1

a href=http//www.Search4It-Online.comhttp//www.Search4It-Online.com/a - $5.00

a href=http//www.searchanytime.comhttp//www.searchanytime.com/a Free $10

a href=http//www.SearchFlip.comhttp//www.SearchFlip.com/a - $5.00

a href=http//www.SearchHit.nethttp//www.SearchHit.net/a - $0.00

a href=http//www.SearchLead.comhttp//www.SearchLead.com/a - $5.00

a href=http//www.searchqueen.comhttp//www.searchqueen.com/a Free $5

a href=http//www.searchriot.comhttp//www.SearchRiot.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.SearchTunnel.comhttp//www.SearchTunnel.com/a - $50.00

a href=http//www.seekfindclick.comhttp//www.seekfindclick.com/a Free $5

a href=http//www.seekle.comhttp//www.seekle.com/a Free $5

a href=http//www.SellingCircle.comhttp//www.SellingCircle.com/a - $5.00

a href=http//www.SewVillage.comhttp//www.SewVillage.com/a - $0.00

a href=http//www.SimpleSiteUK.comhttp//www.SimpleSiteUK.com/a - $5.00

a href=http//www.SolidHits.comhttp//www.SolidHits.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.spiderjump.comhttp//www.spiderjump.com/a Free $10

a href=http//www.Ssearching.comhttp//www.Ssearching.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.Stanico.comhttp//www.Stanico.com/a - $50.00

a href=http//www.StartShop.comhttp//www.StartShop.com/a - $5.00

a href=http//www.surfblaze.comhttp//www.surfblaze.com/a Free $5

a href=http//www.Swyle.comhttp//www.Swyle.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.ultimatesearch.comhttp//www.UltimateSearch/a Free $10

a href=http//www.vnetfind.comhttp//www.vnetfind.com/a Free $10

a href=http//www.webger.comhttp//www.webger/a Free $1

a href=http//www.WebHostingSearch.nethttp//www.WebHostingSearch.net/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.WebSearcherz.comhttp//www.WebSearcherz.com/a - $10.00

a href=http//www.wizhoo.comhttp//www.wizhoo.com/a Free $10

a href=http//www.worldsearchers.comhttp//www.worldsearchers.com/a Free $10

a href=http//www.WowClicks.comhttp//www.WowClicks.com/a - $50.00

a href=http//www.zugbo.comhttp//www.zugbo.com/a Free $5

The reason these engines are giving you FREE money to use them, is simply to get your account. They let you try them out figuring that after you see how they work, youll want to deposit some money into your account and keep it running. That of course is entirely up to you. You can continue using that engine, or not, however you think is best. But dont pass this FREE no strings attached traffic by ... sign up for ALL these engines.

At my last check, all these engines still were giving away the quoted $ amount of traffic. Things change quickly on the internet. I hope these figures are still accurate. They were at the time of this writing.

--Robert Kelsey


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